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Budget solo trip in late November for ~$1000?

Budget solo trip in late November for ~$1000?

Old Nov 1, 19, 3:53 pm
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Budget solo trip in late November for ~$1000?

I'm going to have some time off late November and thought it'd be a good opportunity to organize some travel. I was looking for possible destinations and am quite at a loss here so figured I'd ask for help! So the most important things I should probably mention are:

- I'd like to fit into a budget of around $1000 (not like it's set in stone of course, if it's one or two hundred dollars more it's still fine)
- the duration of the trip is a pretty open topic but something between a week and two weeks most likely as it seems I'd be able to have Nov 18th - 30th free - so mostly things in the ~10 days range
- as for the budget, I'd like to have everything fit into this (flights from and to Poland, all the expenses on the spot, food, accomodation etc.)
- I'd take culture/sports/local events, museums, theatres or sights over beaches and sunny weather any time of the day - I'm not really planning this to run away from the cold so it's not like I'm looking for hot weather and sunny beach all-inclusive resorts
- I'm gonna be travelling solo (male) so safety precautions are also a factor in this and I'd rather skip particularly rowdy areas, especially considering that this time of the year, when it gets dark pretty quick, I'd rather refrain from places where walking alone after dark is asking for trouble

I did my research and so far, I found some okay options but nothing that gripped me particularly hard (and things that did had very clear minuses too). Saint Petersburg is fantastic, for example, but it seems to be pretty questionable safety-wise and it doesn't look like a great option for a solo guy in winter time. Travels outside Europe will eat up a large portion of my budget which makes most of them not viable under this budget (and it makes little sense to use up most of my budget on flights to a place where I'll spend 6 days because of the leftover money). There's always a possibility of going to Rome, for example, as I haven't visited most of the "warm" European capitals yet. I was also thinking about Spain (Madrid + Barcelona for example, though I'm not sure about Barcelona being a perfect tourist spot in the wake of recent events) or Portugal (Lisbon + Porto).

Is there something else you'd recommend? I'm sure there are tons of things I haven't thought about or places which are perfect for this season that would fit in this budget which are also more exciting than just going to Rome/Lisbon/Madrid (not that I have anything against them - it's just that those are available any time of the year and thus don't seem all that intriguing; but maybe they are and it's a good time to visit them - then let me know too, of course!).

Thanks so much in advance!
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Old Nov 3, 19, 6:40 am
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Malta, Beirut, Jordan/Petra, Morocco?
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Old Nov 5, 19, 9:26 am
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Just to clarify, you have a budget of 1000 USD and you are currently in Poland? I don't think you need to restrict yourself to Europe. Looking at Google Flights, I see flights to Thailand and Vietnam for less than $600 from Warsaw for Nov 18-30. That leaves $40/day give or take which is doable for a budget traveler.

Originally Posted by Tigro View Post
I was also thinking about Spain (Madrid + Barcelona for example, though I'm not sure about Barcelona being a perfect tourist spot in the wake of recent events)
Spain is wonderful, and I was just in Barcelona last weekend. Although there were protests and I saw some folks walking around carrying Catalan or Spanish flags, it was really a non-event for a tourist. I was even out on Saturday night when there were some violence in front of the police HQ. But despite hearing helicopters overhead, where I was in the heart of the Eixample district it was just business as usual with people hanging out and drinking, clubbing, etc. I wouldn't worry about the protests at all.
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Old Nov 6, 19, 3:50 am
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Since you wrote that you are thinking about Spain or Portugal (Lisbon + Porto), I recommend south of Spain - Sevilla and Malaga and also Canary Islands. The other tour that includes Portugal is also great and with two major city I recomend Sintra (close to Lisbon).
And if you have time you could summ this two countries

Greece maybe...Athens is amazing...
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From rather casual research, Poland is getting about 8 hours of daylight right now, whereas Malta is getting about 10 1/2. And it is warmer also.

Similar numbers for Sicily and lots of other interesting places south of you.

I also live north of the equator. For winter travel, those extra hours of daylight and warmth can be important. For warmth, ocean currents are also a consideration.

You did mention not trying to get away from the cold, but it is really nice to not have to pack/carry/wear the heavier clothing. And daylight is safer.

Ordx notes the cost of living factor in your calculations. Also vital for budget travel.
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Old Nov 18, 19, 5:10 am
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I would choose Eastern Europe. Possibly Prague in Czech Republic. What an unbelievable place. the scenery and people are amazing!
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