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New "Backpacker Cheatsheets" available from guidegecko.com

I came across this information in International Travel News: GuideGecko.com has come out with "Backpaclker Ceahtsheet" PDF two page concise itineraries / guides targeted to backpackers covering eleven countries - presumably more to come. http://www.guidegecko.com/backpacker-itineraries is the place, free is the price.

Available Itineraries in Asia:
Malaysia Singapore
Nepal (coming soon!)
Tibet (coming soon!)
Available Itineraries Australia/New Zealand:
New Zealand North Island
New Zealand South Island (coming soon!)
Pending Itineraries in South America:
Bolivia (coming soon!)
Chile (coming soon!)
Ecuador (coming soon!)
Peru (coming soon!)

Full disclosure: I am a lifetime subscriber to ITN; you can get a free sample issue of ITN. ITN has no relationship with GuideGecko I know of.
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Thank you very much for the info. I downloaded them all.
How do you like guidegecko.com ?
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Good reference.
Other places to check out are travel blogs such as Travel Pod.com
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Just nice for me as I am planning a Backpacking trip to Vietnam next April.

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I'm sorry the two I've downloaded (Bali and Vietnam) are utter crap. Stay at Devi's warung before Dreamland gets overdeveloped? Dreamland's been dead for several years - see this story if you haven't been:
They demolished all of the warungs in 2008 and built a massive promenade and new multi story restaurant then renamed the beach "new Kuta"

They need fresh info and more of it, instead of a thin aping of the best guidebook "SE Asia - the graphic guide"
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I agree with RappitHole--I took a look at their offerings for places that I'm quite familiar with (which is most of the Asia guides), and these things aren't much value. Guess you get what you pay for.
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I'm doing much of the same "backpacking" style travel just without the actual backpacking part (no hostels) and I found the best guides are either locals or other travelers already living in the places I visit... whether in Asia or now in New Zealand

the best way to make those connections is via CouchSurfing... not an advertisement for them, more of a "this worked for me" plug

I know of quite a few businesses that stemmed out of the CS idea, many of them sell itineraries... but why pay when you can more or less tailor your own itinerary based on the contacts you make... best part the locals can join you and guide you around in pretty much all of the places you visit. Just go with an open mind.
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