Need advice from someone who has rented in LV

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Need advice from someone who has rented in LV

We just got here today. Had a res for a full size. Long wait in line. Then after a pretty aggressive attempt to sell me insurance the agent asked how many people in our party. Instantly alarm bells went off in my head. I told him I'd be driving around 5 people. He then tried to sell me on accepting a VW Jetta. I said no way. After some back and forth he offered a Malibu. He claimed there other full sizes would be no different, pointing to a Hyundai Sonata on his collage of available cars.

Side note after this I headed to the designated spot and found myself and another guy had each been given the same spot #. We go back to the office and describe the problem and a staffer tells us to flip a coin. Neither one of us laughs. They say they will take care of him and he tells me go ahead because I have a kid with me. Budget area has very few cars in it.

Question is what is a full size supposed to be at Budget? I was under the impression that a Malibu was a standard? And what kind of options do I have to get a new car if I go back? This car is proving to be quite cramped for us. I had a similar experience with Thrifty once and I went back and they offered me my choice of any car.
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My experience is Budget in LAS is pretty disappointing. rented there recently and had all sorts of issues. Last month one of their employees practically had the place on fire over burnt dinner in the toaster in the back room there. was in line for over an hour and a your issues come as no surprise. Welcome to Budget of LAS!
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