New revenue model?

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New revenue model?

I think Budget may have a new revenue model, give out defective cars then charge the customer for roadside assistance to fix it. Rented a car out of PHL one way to drop in LGA. Once 20 miles down the road I noticed the radio didn't work, not worth driving back for. When I stopped I noticed the remote door locks didn't work, again not a huge deal. That night I noticed the interior lights didn't work, again minor annoyance. Next morning the battery is completely dead because of what is after the fact obviously some serious electrical problems. I call Budget and am told I have to pay $50 to have someone come and jump the car because I probably left the lights on. No amount of reasoning would lead them to waive it. In the end the clerk at the SpringHill Suites where I was staying overheard my phone call and offered me a jump, both making my day and incidentally telling me that Marriott will go out of its way to help even when they don't have to, while Budget won't even fix their own defective product!
I've never gotten a defective car before, but be aware that at least Budget will just add insult to injury by charging you for the privilege. On the plus side, this is the third time in a year that a Marriott employee has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me, earning the employee a nice note to their boss and the chain all of my business!
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