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pokee Feb 27, 13 2:29 pm

Has Anyone rented Budget at TPA? Shuttle?
I will be flying into Tampa International Airport in June and I got a decent rate with Budget. I've been researching online to see how the rental car pick-up works at TPA (shuttle?) and it's rather confusing. From what I can tell, rental car counters are on-site and then all rental cars (for all 'on-site' rental car companies) are housed in their long term parking lot. Have I assumed this correctly, or is there a shuttle to another location to pick up cars?

With this set-up, you would think they would often have issues with inventory - since off-site locations have more space to house a large fleet. Anyone find it difficult to rent at TPA for this reason?

I am flying in on United (which is a 'blue' airline - although, I am not really sure what that means!). It appears that the rental counters are near baggage claim, but I read that the Landside building is undergoing major renos to accommodate more international flights, so I am curious what the state of the airport is at the moment?

dh01 Feb 27, 13 2:44 pm

After baggage claim, go outside cross the street and all the rental car companies are located there. No shuttles for any of the major rental car companies at TPA.

Executrip Mar 9, 13 11:12 pm

Easy pick-up and drop-off of rental cars at TPA. The airsides of the terminal are divided into "Blue" and "Red" sections. It really matters all companies are represented on each side.
It is a big facility with a lot of inventory. If by chance the counter that you are dealing with does not have a vehicle in your category....they will either upgrade you or you can choose to have someone bring around a vehicle from the "Red" side.
It all works very well.

pokee Mar 11, 13 9:00 pm

Awesome information guys, thanks! Sounds like I am going to like flying into TPA!!!

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