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Originally Posted by PUCCI GALORE View Post
Now Petrus - you are a very naughty boy. If you put that in your profile then I'd know. You know that I can scatter MUCCI's like confetti at a Mafia Wedding! I'd give you a good hairbrushing except you'd enjoy it far too much.

I cannot believe that people such as you describe sometimes can be so unbelievably crass. I'd love some of the Time Lords at Watership Down to leave their cocktail parties and come and hear what the crews have to put up with sometimes.

This is not for those of a delicate disposition - if you are stop reading.

I debated posting this but after posting last night, someone arrived at the aircraft dressed as though he was going to the beach. He actually looked as though his maid had thrown his clothes at him. Nothing matched and what there was had clearly fitted 1000 beers and Full English ago. He waddled along in his flip-flops and clearly wished - in delicate terms - to adjust his dress. In pursuit of that aim he stuck his paw down his bermudas and had a good rummage (probably he thought that he'd lost something), removed his hand and sniffed. I am not making this up. Your Own Correspondent decided that only a lot of Champagne would dull the pain of this image. As you can tell, it failed, but not for want of trying. I still wonder if he has a handle on Flyertalk.

Maybe we can invent one for him. ShortsandFingers?
Was it Donald Trump? Years ago Spy magazine called him a short fingered vulgarian.
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So THAT's what the occasional allusion to "printing and breakfast" is all about. I only joined FT in 2015, but I've already picked up enough hints here and there to know that this is a key piece of FT folklore. Delighted to read the original. I'd resigned myself to remaining forever ignorant.

I'd suggest adding illustrious threads from the past to the Dashboard for the benefit of new members, but stumbling across them when you least expect, or hunting them down from a few scattered clues is more fun.
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Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
They be talking
Good use of the subjunctive, one of my favourite moods
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Petrus - If I ask nicely can you introduce me to this guardian of the secret cupboard? 😄🍷

I have noticed an increase in odd behaviour in the Flounge in my 18months of being GCH. Lots of shoes off and feet all over the furniture which is at best strange and at worst a biohazard. For me the real joy of the Flounge is travelling later in the day and enjoying an impromptu wine tasting whilst waiting for the bus to wherever and occasionally sharing this experience with a fellow FTer who just happened to be around at the same time.

In my experience we are an exacting (fussy/grumpy)group of good humoured oenophiles (other booze allowed) who see the faults in most things first but maybe this is just the consequence of our travels or jobs or just curmudgeonly demeanour - anyway it's rarely dull in the human zoo that is the Flounge

Originally Posted by Petrus View Post
PUCCI, bless! That is around the 7th or 8th MUCCI bestowed upon me.

You'll be pleased to hear things have gotten better now. The worst of the Made in Chelsea types have boarded their flights to NCE.
One of the chaps working here did his usual trick and escorted me to a cupboard and filled a glass with some of the secret stash.
Lynch Bages 2006. Might have to leave the car at ARN and get a taxi...
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Originally Posted by Captain Schmidt View Post
Couldn't agree more. I was once sitting in a window seat on the top deck of a Thai 747 when I noticed a pair of feet appear next to me that seemingly belonged to the passenger behind me. I covered them with a blanket at which point they were swiftly removed not to appear again so I think the message got through......
This has happened to me a couple of times so I suppose I should try to get used to it. So far, however, it has always startled me so much that I have accidentally spilt my ice cold drink over the feet In question.
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