Viewing Booking Conditions

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Viewing Booking Conditions

I've made a booking through a travel agent that involves a multi-city journey AMS-LON-MAD-LON-AMS. It's all ET, though varying buckets. I need to remove the central segments, to remain in London. I've already been told that failure to fly the 2nd leg will void the remainder of the journey. Likewise I've been told that I can't cancel a leg with cancelling the whole journey. My plan is to fly the first leg, cancel the rest for whatever refund I can get (some, plus taxes) and book a new single return. Can I see on the full T&Cs for my journey to see if this is possible? I don't want to fly the first leg and find out it's not then possible to cancel the remainder for whatever meagre refund I can get. Any expert able to help me please?
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Sounds to me as if what you have been told already is fact if you're travelling on a non flexible ET ticket. You will only be able to claim back the taxes if you cancel, subject to paying the cancellation fee as well.

If you post the fare classes your itinerary has others will be able to give you a more accurate assessment.

As for the T&Cs if you go in to MMB and see if it gives you the option to change/cancel your booking and see what it says.

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Cheers Hiddy,

I've accepted that I won't be getting much back, but would like to use the outbound ticket to London. What I need to reassure myself of is that I will receive back taxes and any refundable component if I fly the first leg then immedietely cancel.

fare components are:

Leg1: N
Leg2: Y
Leg3: K
Leg4 (CityFlyer): N
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My experience of geting refund of taxes is that by the time you take away the service charge there is very little left.

In your case, I would just call BA and ask them how much you would get back (i.e. make them work for their service charge)

You may be able to change the LON-MAD-LON-AMS flights to sometime in the future for a small fee (40?) if you think you can reuse them....
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You really need to speak to your travel agent, as it could well be a 'net' fare they have sold you, and BA won't know immediately what the fare rules are on the ticket.

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I have a new subtitle for this post "How airlines bookings are a f***ing nightmare". The story, to recap. I had a mixed Y/N/K booking in which i would like to remove the middle segments, and stay in London.

So, can I cancel, before departure, the middle 2 segments? No
Must I fly the middle 2 segments? Yes
What happens if I don't? You lose the last 3 segments, no refund.
Can I, then, now cancel the last 3 segments for tax and Y refund as I don't intend to fly them? No, you may not
Can i cancel them when I have flown the 1st leg? Yes, but not before...
Isn't the outcome EXACTLY the same thing? Yes sir, but one is a cancellation of a partly used ticket, the other is a reroute......... apparently.... jesus wept.

We come to an agreement that "something exceptional may just come up" that prevents me from flying the last 3 legs once I land in LHR. Come Monday, AMS staff will look at me like a freak as I inform them I do NOT wish to be checked in for my onward flight from LHR. I explain "you never know what might happen in LHR". They check me in, forced, and offload me once more from the onward flight and shake their head at the strange man.

So, back to Saturday, I book a new return flight, to replace my soon to be cancelled original return from LCY. 24 hours later, BA cancel it as a double booking. So until this point I'm not allowed to cancel flights I won't take before I've taken the first flight in that route and NOW I'm not allowed to book a return booking before I've cancelled the flight BECAUSE I'm not allowed to cancel flights I won't take until I've flown the first flight in that ticket.... In short, a nightmare, I must truly love my company to save them the few pounds this will recover.

I land at LHR, call the travel agent, they act surprised, as per our agreement, that something has turned up, so cancel my onward journey. I am now free to rebook my return from London.

And what do I get for my hard work? The two A-C Y seats behind Club Europe on the 19.50 LGW flight on Wednesday have been taken in the time between BA cancelling my flight and me rebooking it. In short, F**K. I am going to drink that First Lounge dry of Champagne.

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booking a fully flexible fare would have saved you all the headache
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Originally Posted by GK1998 View Post
booking a fully flexible fare would have saved you all the headache

It's that fine line between wasting money on flex not needed and dealing with yet another cancelled meeting on a bargain ticket... looks like i fell on the wrong side this time
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