What on Earth is "Club Exc in UK"????


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What on Earth is "Club Exc in UK"????

I booked my flights earlier this morning for travel in May YYZ-LHR-FCO rt. YYZ-LHR in F, LHR-FCO in J, FCO-LHR in J, LHR-YYZ in F. When I came to the TA office later in the afternoon to pay for the tickets I was given an invoice, e-ticket receipt as well as a copy of the itinerary. The copy of the itinerary that was given to me is this: http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/4...0AZsmjRw0YtGKA
As you can see on the printed itinerary there is nothing unusual on the YYZ-LHR & LHR-YYZ sectors. However on the LHR-FCO & FCO-LHR sectors, the class that was mentioned is "CLUB EXC IN UK". This is something I have never heard off because AFAIK, flights between the UK & other parts of Europe are known as "Club Europe". So why would they be mentioned as "CLUB EXC IN UK" instead of "Club Europe" or "Business"? Regardless I am under the impression that for those two sectors, I'll still be getting the "Club Europe" service & seat, am I correct?

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Doubtless others can explain it better, but I think the reason the class of travel is expressed this way is a catch-all. If you were connecting from another airport in the UK you would be on a domestic (one-class) service for that sector. I guess they don't want people connecting from MAN, for example, to complain that they weren't in a separate Club section with Club service for the domestic sector.

You are correct that you will fly in Club Europe and receive the CE service and seat.
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Think it is short for 'Club Europe except in the UK'

UK dom is just one class hence J on domestic is still in the one class cabin
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And better still looks like you get to use the new Galleries CCR in T5
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It appears in most booking systems - and it used to be the easier to understand:

"Club except UK Dom Class"

Basically for UK Domestic services the full fare has the same fare code "J" as full fare club europe and world - BUT it is an economy fare.

This causes frequent arguments at our work because we are not allowed to travel business class in the UK - but when Portman Travel send flight summaries they simply record the J flights as "Business". The accounts department always send an email asking why we are travelling business and I always reply that it is:

"Business EXCEPT UK DOM"

I wish bloody portman would fix their system......
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Amex confirmations always print with 'Club Exc in UK' for any business class booking on BA, be that long or short haul.
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