OT: Private Jet Hire

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OT: Private Jet Hire

Anyone have a clue how much it would be to charter a plane to Lapland? I heard you can get them for as little as 500/hr of flying time. Any help appreciated as it isn't exactly info they post on the web.
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Originally Posted by PointsMeanPrizes View Post
£500/hr of flying time.
I very much doubt it.
Not if you are talking about a Jet, anyway...

Maybe you are talking about hiring an Ultralight?
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500/hr is VERY optimistic. Friends have been quoted over 30,000 for a short flight on a small turboprop!
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Depends what exactly it is you want to hire and more importantly how many people you want to take.

There are hundreds of operaters and brokers out there who will be able to give you a quote with a simple email or web request. Anonymous and no commitment, so you don't need to worry if the price you get quoted is crazy.

Just google it and you'll come up with loads of options.
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Ring Air Partner - they'll give you a price. But it won't be £500 / hr. £3,000 per hour is nearer the mark.
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£500 per hour per pax based on a 6 person flight is more like it before the extras

And don't forget to add the airport landing charges at both end - cheaper at Biggin Hill or Luton but more expensive for the Jet Centre at City Airport (depends on time of day as well).

Also add in airport parking fees if you want the jet to hang around to bring you back - depends on the airport you are going to. Useful if the pilots, yes you need two for safety purposes, have been flying around for a bit but that does mean hotels and meals for the pilots.

460 miles for 6 people (gets you as far as Hamburg, Geneva, Lyon which would take circa 1 hour 30 mins) return with a 24 hour turn around time at the other end would set you back about £11k for a decent size jet like an 8-seater Citation Excel (err - you dont want to cramp people in like sardines do you - gets you an extra sofa for people to wander around change seats for a bit) before before the extras for your own accommodation, meals and transfers.

To get to the Lapland area of Norway would be around 1,500 miles so triple the above charges. However, that would mean a 4 hour flights which may be beyond the limits for smaller jets; so you would have a to use larger jet with higher fuel consumption. A Citation Excel could still do this but would set you back around £24k and a larger Learjet 45 would set you back around £25k.

Forget about airport security, immigration queues and missing bags
You fax your passport details ahead and they just tick it off against your actual passport on departure/arrivals. Airport security is normally non-existence and you can actually see the pilot or the airport staff use of hotel luggage trolley wheel your bags to the plane or to the terminal
Bad traffic ? Plane waits!
Overweight or oversize luggage - who cares. We had a couple of large artworks that we place in the toilets for take off/landing.
Talk to the pilot /co-pilot while the other flies the plane in cruise mode.

Cabin service? Co-Pilot tells you where the fridge (champers, juice and soft drinks are) along with the plates and crystals when the safety belt lights go off so you help yourself; along with the picnic hamper some firms provide. You can pay extra for flight attendant of course; or bring your butler with you.
Food - depends what you pre-arrange so it can be anything from caviar to a cheese sandwich. Normally cold since there is no oven on these small jets. I do remember drinking tea so there must have been a hot water tap available.
Lounge facilities - it depends on the airport. Most are like a Servisair lounge with a soft/hot drinks selection, not much alcohol and very few nibbles. However, you normally have the lounge to yourselves. Why do you need a lounge even? Its just somewhere to sit while they load your bags and tick off your passport details or if you have to wait for your fellow passengers arriving separately

Depending on the airport;
City Airport - you have to walk to the jet at
Luton Airport - your car to drives you to the steps of the jet or picks you up from the same. Make sure you have use of posh car service for the pop star treatment feel!^

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Someone I know did London - Dublin return by private jet for just over 5k.
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We need to know more than anything else how many passengers you want to take. Presumably there are quite a few children.

Rovaniemi in Finland is the No 1 destination for charters to Lapland (the Arctic Circle line passes through the terminal and is marked on the floor). The flight there is about 3.5 hours from London, so 7 hours round trip. Pretty much the same as the Canaries.

A 150 seat charter 737-800 or A320 normally costs the charterer about 30k for the aircraft round trip, day return with time to see Rovaniemi (which in all honesty does not take long). So 200 a seat cost. Commercial operators charge you notably more, they have their own costs and profit, plus the risk of not selling all seats, promo seats given away free, etc.

There is spare capacity in the UK charter market in November/early December which is why the Lapland flights are relatively cheap. The aircraft used at weekends will be redeployed in a few weeks time once the skiing season starts to the Alps.

If you are going to Lapland at this time of year do not forget (as quite a number do) that it is completely dark up there 24 hours a day, so you will not see any views.
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£500 an hour i cant see that! here are prices to split about the same distance i think and they are fair prices

if you can get or £500 an hour i wanna know where goodbye to CE then!!!

you can go to paris on the mayfair dove for around 2 grand though!

itation V Ultra - 25,521 pounds

Hawker 800 XP - 18,865 p

Learjet 35A - 23, 087 – PAX8

Citation VII – 22,714 – PAX 9

Cessna Citation V – 16,570 – PAX 8

Citation II – 13,156

Challenger 604 – 31,820 – PAX 10

Fairchild Metro III – 16,496 – PAX 10

Cessna Citation V – 16,012 – PAX 9-10

Citation 560XLS – 20,107 – PAX 8

Citation XL – 16, 247 pax 6

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I could do a Cessna 182 for 140 an hour and a bottle of Bomaby at the end of the day
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We were able to hire a 32 seater for 9500 for 24 hrs from GLA-FAE-GLA for a certain football match in June this year.

300 a head, it worked out. Much cheaper than the scheduled & chartered flights, and the crew waited for us after the game until we were ready to leave
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We used to charge from about 1,500 per flying hour for a Cessna Citation II, up to quite a few thousand for Lears and Hawkers...
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Try a jet broker and ask for a dead leg quote.

Essentially when Sir Elton flies to Nice on a chartered jet it has to come back empty. You can pick up these empty legs for a CE type fare. They get a bit of extra money for a flight that would have otherwise been empty.

Of course you can't specify when you want the jet available as you're dependent on someone paying full price in the first place and hopping their empty leg. Still it's relatively easy to get to NCE or IBZ in the summer months for 1k on a private jet if you pick up one of these.

Not too sure how many people fly to Lapland but around Xmas you may be in with a chance. Madge might want to fly up with Lourdes.

Try http://www.london-aircharter.com
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hawk 800 15,500

8 seater

I asked about the dead leg trips as well out of interest and they weren't much cheaper according to them. Anyway it was worth a go i suppose. A large part of the cost was the repositioning up to Doncaster where I wanted to fly from as the plane was based in Luton.

Thanks for everyones comments.
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Also give these guys a look... http://www.jetclub.com/index.asp

The more observant of you might spot a younger someone you recognise in some of the photos
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