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BA Cabin Crew Vote 96% In Favour Of Strike Action

BA Cabin Crew Vote 96% In Favour Of Strike Action

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Originally Posted by Skimo View Post
Although to be fari, maybe 'have been' should have been inserted between 'could be'
Nonsense - "could have been be" wouldn't make sense at all.

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Originally Posted by PhilH View Post
Is it just me or do these two sentences contradict each other?
I don't think they do; the "management" are the ones accused of being arrogant. The MEMBERS are being thanked for their patience.
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Originally Posted by JonNYC View Post
Well, I'm off tonight on my 6 BA flights in the next 12 or so days odyssey. Hoping for the best based on the idea that it will be seven days notice from the date of breakdown of talks and it looks like talks will continue on Friday (assuming I understood that right.)

Even if I get hit, hopefully I'll be in Egypt (or at least DXB) by then and if that's the case I'll just wait the strike out Or, fly home on IB and pick up my ticket in Europe some other time. Getting stuck in MRU, OTOH, would be very problematic, I would think.

Just to show the info that some are being given-- which may start to hurt BA even w/o the strike having started, got this (which we know to be impossible) from the major OneWorld GSA in CAI:
"The BA strike is expected 23 Jan as per BA here in CAI"

Again, I know it's not accurate, but it goes to show the kind of info that's out there that might be hurting sales already if others are being advised equally inaccurately by their local BA offices.
I know the feeling! I am in EZE next week (outbound on BA247 on 22nd and back on the BA246 on the 27th! Hopefully it will all be sorted out by then.
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I'm sitting on the fence on this one but couldn't help notice BA's advertisements on TV over the past few days. The choice of music now appears quite chilling:

I'm leaving on a jet plane,
Don't know when I'll be back again...
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Originally Posted by bealine View Post
Please be aware that all the above is heavily biased. As an ex-TU representative, I can tell you that BA management have never discussed anything openly and honestly with the staff - even to the extent of deliberately LYING to the BA CONNECT staff convincing them they had two years to make it a success when, all along, the sale to Flybe was well under way!
I can't comment on the specifics of the BACON sale as I don't know the details of what happened internally (did BA invite bids or was it directly approached by Flybe?), but when a company plans to sell a business unit, it is common that very few people in the organisation will know about it, and as far as everyone else is concerned, it is business as usual.

During the deal process the advisers acting for the vendor and the potential acquirer will refer to the deal as Project XXX (ie Project Enhancement, Project Monopole or something like that) and the advisers will not tell any staff they come into contact with during the due diligence process the real reason why they are acting for the vendor or the acquirer.

The deal will normally only be announced to staff and the public at a late stage and of course, it can all fall through at any time during the deal process.

So yes, staff are be deliberately lied to when deals are going on, but there are sound commercial reasons for it.

As for BA acquiring Flybe at some point in the future, things can certainly go round in circles in the world of Mergers & Acquisitions, but I would think that at the moment BA is far more concerned about consolidation amongst the major international players rather than buying an airline that does not directly or indirectly serve the long-haul network at LHR <puts on tin-hat and hides under desk>.
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Thanks for the explanation ian001, but it still doesn't make lying to staff the right thing to do! (No need to put yer tin hat on!)

If you tell staff they have two years to turn their fortunes around, then you should allow them to have the full two years! (as it happens, BA Connect's workforce were doing really well and Flybe's interest in the acquisition was probably laragely due to them!)
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BA Peace Talks Resuming

According to Sky News
Talks to try to avert strikes by thousands of British Airways cabin staff are expected to resume in the next few days after reaching stalemate.
So presumably no strike announcement while talks continue?
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Originally Posted by nbevan View Post
According to Sky News

So presumably no strike announcement while talks continue?
I do not have any particular information, and what follows is just my trying to divine meaning from the press release.

That said, I think the fact that the talks are still going on has to be a good sign that they are working to some sort of a conclusion. If I was a union leader with a 96% vote in favor of industrial action, I would think that the only thing which would keep me talking is the promise of some sort of meaningful concession. Similarly, if I were a CEO who had been told by my financial backers to break the union (and had a reputation, just or not, for imposing my will), then I would be inclined to present my demands and walk away unless something positive were happening.

It is maddening to try to make travel plans when you don't know whether the airline will fly, and perhaps I am looking at this optimistically because it suits my purposes. That said, leaders on both sides of the table would appear to have ample support to walk away and "send a message" or some such. To me, the fact they are still talking seems like progress.

28 more days and a wake up before I leave Nigeria never to return...
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Teletext reporting first strike January 29th, 30th, 31st.

Edit: Confirmed on Five Live.
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Originally Posted by phreegreens View Post
Teletext reporting first strike January 29th, 30th, 31st.
F**k it There goes my trip to Riga Why can't they bloody strike during 3GSM so we don't have to go
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Yep, I've just heard that as a 'certain' rumour too...
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I have some questions for you more experienced people on this forum.

We are due to fly EDI - LHR - HKG on 5 Feb. LHR - HKG will be in FIRST - our (no pun intended) first, and probably only experience of this cabin. It's goes without saying that this threat of industrial action could make things a little disappointing.

Now, if the rumours on PPRuNe are correct, and 29-31 Jan have been named as strike dates, given this is discontinuous action, am I correct in saying that the union has to give 7 days notice for any additional strike days? So to affect 5 Feb, they would have to give notice by 28 Jan?

Secondly, what are the possibilities of strike days having a knock-on effect to the surrounding days? If aircraft or crew were out of position for example?

Finally given we have to come from EDI to LHR, and domestic services seem to be prime candidates for cancellations, how flexible are BA likely to be to keeping our LHR - HKG segment if we find another route to LHR ourselves? We have the flexibility to come down on 3, 4 or 5 Feb - by plane, train or even automobile if we have to !

Thanks in advance,
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Originally Posted by phreegreens View Post
Teletext reporting first strike January 29th, 30th, 31st.

Edit: Confirmed on Five Live.
Confirmed on Sky News website as well.


Originally Posted by Sky News
Thousands of British Airways cabin crew are to go on strike following a breakdown of peace talks on pay and staffing.

The stewards and stewardesses are set to hold a three-day strike from January 29 to 31, the Transport and General Workers Union has announced.

The strike threatens to cause travel chaos for the airline's customers.

The TGWU has warned there will be two further three-day stoppages in February unless the dispute is resolved.

The union held several meetings with BA bosses last week following a massive 96% vote for industrial action by the 11,000 cabin crew workers.

But the union has now announced that negotiations have broken down.

Jack Dromey, deputy general secretary of the union, said: "British Airways management have completely failed to engage with the union on our compromise proposals and appear unwilling to listen to this loyal, professional and hard-working group of employees.

"Our members are fed up with being bullied into coming to work when sick and with the divisions caused by poverty levels of new entrant pay scales.

"They see customer care being cut and the airline's reputation damaged by bungling management.

"BA now have seven days to take their responsibility seriously and work with the union to avoid disruption to services and inconvenience to passengers. We are ready to resume talks at any time."

The cabin crew complained that a new regime introduced 18 months ago on sickness pay meant they were forced to work when they were ill.

BA insisted it was merely cutting high levels of sickness absence.
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Let the fun times begin.
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guys, I'm going to split strike dates off into a separate thread with it in the title... not everyone may be keeping up with this thread.

heregiam, welcome to FT - not under best of circumstances. You are correct, they either have to have given notice of future strike dates in the notice they are apparently sending in tomorrow, or will have to give notice once again.

I wouldn't make bets about domestic being hit harder than long-haul. If enough crew go out, it will hit everywhere, because you can't take domestic crew and put them onto long-haul if they are not trained for the aircraft type (for example). However, I would imagine BA's contingency plans may be aimed at protecting long-haul more. OTOH, if you are on a through PNR, and it's by their action you cannot make the connection, its their responsibility to get you there.
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