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dewsburyborn Dec 4, 06 7:03 am

O/T : Oakham, Rutland - Hotel
Sorry to be O/T here, but this is really aimed at UK FTers....

I need a room in or very near to Oakland for a yet-to-be-determined Friday in January 2007.

I am presently looking at The Whipper-In and Whitwell Hotel (which gets flamed in the only review on Trip Advisor)

Does anyone have any recomms please ? - and also for dining in/around Oakham (looking for an alternative to the excellent Olive Branch, Clipsham)


jaguarpig Dec 4, 06 8:16 am

Hambleton Hall it ain't cheap but is very good

Pyeinthesky Dec 4, 06 8:17 am

Originally Posted by jaguarpig (Post 6789567)
Hambleton Hall it ain't cheap but is very good

I stayed there, great food and lovely secluded hotel

dewsburyborn Dec 4, 06 9:35 am

Originally Posted by jaguarpig (Post 6789567)
Hambleton Hall it ain't cheap but is very good

Thanks for the suggestion, and the website does look very good.

Mine is more of an overnite pit-stop which I don't feel would do the place ( or the tariff ! ) full justice- but have bookmarked the site for a more suitable occasion.

I just also came up with The Old Plough in Braunston - anyone know this place ?

tom139 Dec 4, 06 10:47 am

I definately recommend Hambleton Hall too. Excellent food!

madison8 Dec 4, 06 4:15 pm

I've stayed about 30 nights at The Whipper-In about 8 years ago. It was OK but switched over to a small [email protected] which was more comfortable. If you stay at The Whipper-In make sure the next morning is not Market day. They start setting up at about 5 in the morning and it is extremely loud!!

I have been to the Old Plough it had great food and drink. Did not stay there since I was not driving and had to be within walking distance.

Gav678 Dec 5, 06 12:43 am

Been to the whipper-Inn in the last year and it has excellent food and rustic charm. If your staying on a Friday night expect to be woken early on Saturday as your right next to the market.....


Mycroft Dec 5, 06 11:19 am

I had the same dilemma in the summer. 4 of us were learning to sail on Rutland Water and wanted self catering - opted for Manor Farm Barns in Wing, a beautiful village about 3 miles from Oakham.

The Barns are conversions, with 2 double bedrooms and a smaller rooms with 2 single beds (but not so nich), all in a lovely location. Everything was a good standard and was about 70 per night for the whole unit.

Someone called Lyndon helped us: [email protected]

They had a website, but I can't find it now.

Beautiful part of the world - whether or not you stay at Hambleton Hall, the restaurant is fantastic.


flyingbee Dec 5, 06 11:38 am

Barnsdale Lodge, a hotel and restaurant is just outside of Oakham might be worth a look. I went there for lunch a few times.

I also remember the whipper inn to be good, but yes it is right next to the market square.

koksy Dec 5, 06 1:42 pm

I can recommend the Kings Arms in Wing near Oakham. A friend of mine is the leaseholder. Its a beautiful little country pub with proper a la carte restaurant and hotel rooms. The rooms are basic by international hotel standards but cosy. Go for the Granary suite if its available.

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