Passengers feet

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Passengers feet

Flew back from JFK to London on BA182 last night (29/11). We had a bit of excitement as after we left the stand the Captain announced that we have a disruptive passenger on board and rather than removing her at 35,000 feet, we’ll save time by offloading her now.

Anyhow, as we were waiting back at the stand and I was sat comfortably in 64K I noticed an unpleasant smell. I looked to my left and 20cms from my face were the bare feet of the passenger in 63K resting his legs on the side cabinet.

I thought should I:
(a) ask him to put some socks on;
(b) ask the flight attendant to have a word with him;
(c) do nothing

I went for option C, took an Ambien and slept all the way to London. I was wondering what’s the correct etiquette regarding bare feet on board! Any thoughts?

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If I was faced with this situation and the feet smelled bad enough to disturb me, I would likely say something to an FA discreetly while going to the toilet. It's unacceptable to allow a smell of oneself to disturb other passengers. Granted its fine for your feet to smell, but keep em in shoes then!

I wonder if anyone ended up saying something after you were out.
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Of course this would not happen if airports/airlines allowed aerosol footspray in carry-on baggage.
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