JFK-LHR: Its like striking the lottery

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JFK-LHR: Its like striking the lottery

After celebrating my birthday weekend in NYC (after a minimal delay of 3 hours on Friday from LHR which is good hearing other people's horror stories) I was prepared for the worst today.

Allowed an hour extra to get to JFK in case there were security queues ? Errr - what queues?

Taxi took about 30 mins from mid-town (there was some slow traffic in Queens but it was Monday evening at 7:30pm). Taxi pulled up the CW/F end of the Terminal 7 at JFK.

There was each CW desk was occupied but there was no one in the queue in front of me. They were 3 CW counters open and they were using the Fast Bag Drop to check in CW pax as well. Joked with the checking staff about what was the "rules for the day". Took out my plastic bag ex-LHR to show I was ready for both Plan A (hand-luggage allowed) and Plan B (hand-luggage not allowed). They thought it was amusing. I supposed they were relieved that they no longer had to argue with premium pax about heavy roll-ons !!!

5 mins later and we were checked in. Could bring a small laptop bag through but definitely no roll-ons! Not liquids or gel but everything else allowed.

Walked by 3 empty F check-in counters

BA/OneWorld (QF/CX/IB) has a its own security lane for Club/F pax which was deserted. I had the IB crew behind me and no other pax around.

Breezed into Terraces. Pre-flight dinning had only 6 tables occupied 3 of whom had laptops operating. Food was much better than a fortnight ago as well.

After dinner, there is PC available to file this report.

Amazing. I suppose business pax are putting off their trips not realising that the security bit is defintely easing; in JFK at least. As such Terraces is fairly empty.

The earlier flights were delayed but my late flight is on time (and is now earlier than the other earlier flights). Someone is looking down on me and smiling this evening. Looks like I will make it to the Aug 16 do after all

Ace! I am begining to be a convert from VS to BA on the LHR-JFK routes

Well Done to BA ground staff at JFK. What a joy.
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I'm flying JFK to LHR tomorrow (15th Aug) with my wife & 2 year old twins (BA114 if anyone wants to come & say hello). I've changed my car service reservation to an hour earlier than normal to accomodate the queues & it looks like I might have to change it back.

Thanks for the info.
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...and I thought you were looking for award seats which seems to be impossible for October despite the flights being pretty empty in J!
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Striking the lottery - part 2

Business travellers are definitely cutting back on trips at the moment.

The BA182 CW had about 8/10 empty seats (so no more back log of customers to accomodate) and I have never seen so many kids in CW before. 4 families with 4,3,2 & 2 kids.

More good fortune on this trip - all the kids slept through the flight so there was peace and quiet. I managed to sleep through-out the flight (which I normally do in any case). No circling around Heathrow - flew over the M4 and straight onto the runway. Landed at the a gate without the need for a bus and did not even have to wait for a gate.

Now for the best bit. All the CW passengers got up and moved forwards. FAs were motioning to passengers to go to the first set doors (behind the cockpit - in front of F). I was blocked by someone fiddling with their bag in the overhead locker so by the time I got up the aisle, I was only at the second set of doors. Then the bridge which was moving towards the first set of doors started moving to the second set of doors where I was stood. So I ended up being the first person off the plane in any case - YAY!

UK Immigration had a queue of 8 people in the UK passports line, 10 in the non-UK passport line and no one in FastTrack.

What a great flight.
Did have to wait a short while for the bags to appear on the carousel but I was not surprised given how fast I cleared immigration. Our 3 bags were separated and came out after various intervals but I suppose that was due to US security going through the bags.

Arrivals lounge (about 11:10am) had one other person sitting in it having breakfast. Most showers look fairly empty as well. Lounge staff looked really bored. Both earlier flights from JFK arrived within the hour after my flight. Suspect immigration might have been more crowded by then

Someone was looking down favourably
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