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CApreppie Nov 7, 05 3:31 pm

Showers at SFO Terraces Lounge
Now that CX uses the BA Terraces lounge at SFO for its lounge, I had a question about shower usage.

Can a ow Sapphire in CX economy (AA codeshare) use the showers? Or are they reserved for biz/first customers, etc.?

Shuttle-Bored Nov 7, 05 3:46 pm

From my dim and distant recollection of the SFO lounge (about a year ago), the shower is in the lounge itself, and available to all. But I'm sure someone has been there more recently and will affirm or deny this!

Globaliser Nov 8, 05 6:33 am

The entrance to the showers is off the main part of the lounge, so everyone who's in the lounge can use it. (But I don't know whether the F section of the lounge has another shower.)

The only caveat is that CX uses the lounge long after BA has finished with it for the day. So I don't know whether CX takes control with its own staff, or whether BA re-opens the lounge for CX. If it's the former, it's theoretically possible that CX could set its own rules for shower use, different from BA's - although that seems unlikely at first glance.

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