OT'ish: Conned Corde

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OT'ish: Conned Corde

Now I would say which FT'er is this, but to dole out £20K on Concorde tickets, he must not be one. Otherwise he would have bought 200 subscriptions to InsideFlyer instead:

By Jeremy Armstrong

A LYING dole cheat was caught after boasting to investigators that he blew £20,000 on Concorde's last flight and a holiday in the US.

Malcolm Bingley, 60, pocketed £5,400 in jobseekers' allowance over two years claiming he had no savings. But the layabout had a £75,000 inheritance.

Determined to fulfil his dream of flying by Concorde he splashed out £8,560 on a return ticket to New York, £1,680 on a 10-day holiday in the Big Apple and £10,000 on spending money.

The flat-capped Northerner, who has not worked for 17 years, sipped champagne and dined on French cuisine as he flew at twice the speed of sound.
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hmmm - £5,400 in jobseekers allowance taken in, £500 fine taken out. Sounds like a canny FT'er to me!

Would be funny if wasn't an example of why our taxes provide absolutely no value. Course we dare not say that millions of people on disability are faking it now.Much easier to pay out £billions/yr instead to them, rather than having the papers dig out a sole example of someone being treated harshly.
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The flat-capped Northerner....
Did BA find room for his whippet onboard?
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The flat-capped Northerner....
Well, far be it from me to make reference to soft southern shandy drinkers infesting journalism these days, with their meeja studies degrees etc etc

That said, I reckon tristan727's right on the money here. Some years ago I put up a plan to use mainframe downtime to compare handwriting on scanned housing benefit applications in order to ID organised benefit fraud rings - nobody was interested.
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I like the quote of

Bingley added that he was glad the case was heard in Sunderland, as travelling to the crown court in Newcastle would have cost him "too much" in bus fares.

Err it would have cost him at most £4.50 for a day return ticket on all bus routes and metro routes in Sunderland/Newcastle.

Tight or what

Note to say not all Northerners wear flat caps, some wear the chavesque baseball caps, of course some of us more cultured ones wear neither.
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Originally Posted by Jeremy Armstrong
The flat-capped Northerner
Surely a tautology
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