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Thumbs up BA Barbados Premium Check In

Recently noticed this on AskBA?

New Barbados Premium check-in

British Airways has launched a new premium check-in proposition for passengers travelling out of Barbados.

The new premium check-in is located close to the airport at the IAM Jet Centre and is available for British Airways FIRST and Club World passengers.

The current FIRST and Club World check-in desks in the main terminal will remain operational to give a choice for check-in.

The proposition for FIRST passengers is a dedicated check-in and lounge facility, away from the main terminal where you can check-in, relax in the lounge and then be driven straight to the aircraft steps for boarding. If you wish to purchase duty free, and therefore need to visit the terminal, you will be driven to the terminal building 15 minutes before priority boarding.

For Club World passengers, the new facility offers a drive-through check-in where you can remain in the air-conditioned comfort of your vehicle, while your bags are checked-in and your boarding passes issued. You can then continue on to the main terminal where you are invited to enjoy the hospitality of the existing airport lounge

Has anybody used this new premium check in yet?
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Double post... sorry...

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Never been to Barbados before...

Is it such a lucrative and/or important destination that it warrents this kind of service (and commensurate expense to BA)? I imagine because Concorde flew to Barbados, it was somewhat important. Or is this new terminal something that already existed in some form and so was easy for BA to implement?

I ask because I always thought it was so special that BA had an arrivals lounge at JNB, when not even JFK had one. Until of course, I found out the arrivals lounge is actually just a third party lounge that BA has an agreement with for its pax to use.

Do other airlines use the same facility? Is it operated by a third party?

Seems a little inconvenient (and expensive for BA) to have to drive pax to the main terminal so they can buy a bottle of vodka or a box of smokes.

Sounds very impressive though nonetheless, almost like that new First Class terminal LH has at Frankfurt...
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No but I like the sound of it....BGI was like a zoo last time I travelled there in J.
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Originally Posted by FIRSTclstraveller
... For Club World passengers, the new facility offers a drive-through check-in where you can remain in the air-conditioned comfort of your vehicle, while your bags are checked-in and your boarding passes issued ...[/COLOR].[/I]
Another exclusive BA offer copied from Virgin Atlantic except that VS offers it at LHR and elsewhere where it is of more use to more passengers .

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Great idea. I visited Barbados for the first time earlier this year on my RTW and the BGI airport experience was simply appalling. The lounge is landside and, cautious person that I am, I left before the flight was called to make sure that I would be in plenty of time. However, as edi-traveller says, the place was a complete zoo : massive queues snaking round the concourse and no organisation at all. I know that a lot of premium pax were seriously 'not amused' that day ... remember, I left the lounge early and I really thought I was going to miss the flight!

This sounds like heaven by comparison. I think we can be fairly certain that it is the result of poor feedback / complaints.
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As a lowly economy traveller who has been to Barbados several times, I am not surprised at the new premium check in. The airport is a nightmare!
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BGI chaos

Agreed - I was at BGI in September and the whole airport was a massive building site (yeah, I know that's usual for airports). The BA check-in staff were sub-contracted and distinctly poor quality; I asked for the BA lounge at check-in and they told me it was air-side which severely annoyed us when we found out it's land-side too late...

the main departure lounge was surprisingly full of what appeared to be bankers (busy on their mobiles and blackberries). i assume a conference had just finished.

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Can I tempt anyone who has used this facility to give us a bit more info on what its actually like? Will be travelling back in F (and out, natch, but guess no specifc F arrivals facility) mid-March, so something to whet my appetite in advance would be fabulous; at worst, I'll post a brief trip report when I get home.

Back to my tax return....
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I will be there in mid-march as well returning 26th. I don't know how returning a rental car then doing premium checkin will work out.
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A heavily belated overview of the new First experience at BGI:

IAM Jet Center is fiendishly difficult to locate. The route I'd recommend is to take the main road into the airport and choose the "taxis only" lane (the other two lanes being "drop off/pick up" and "car park" (or similar)) and drive all the way past the front of the (extended) terminal building, keep going past the car park exits (on your right) and just before you join the main road, you take a left (at the tiny "BA Premium Check-In" sign). A couple of turns through bushes and you come out at the remarkably pleasant, brightly painted and modern IAM Jet Center.

Drive thru check-in at the entrance to the Jet Center is effortless; very like the Virgin experience (someone unloads your luggage whilst someone else deals with your passport/boarding cards through your car window). Club passengers then head back to the main terminal, where they have access to the (reportedly) tiny Exec Club lounge (with no windows).

We had a hire car so chose to check-in at the reception in the ice-cooled Jet Center, where there is full luggage scanning/tagging facilities. The receptionist (not a BA staff member in sight) gave us boarding cards and luggage receipt, placed our hand luggage in individual lockers and showed us upstairs to the lounge.

There were only four ticketed First pax that day (Sunday 20 March 2005) and the receptionist told us that since the other two passengers had checked in at the main terminal, we had the lounge to ourselves that day. (NB seven passengers seated in First for the flight). About 20 lounge chairs, 1 sofa, average range of drinks (think Terraces, not Concorde Room), water biscuits and small selection of cheese the only food apart from twiglets/crisps/nuts/pretzels etc, literally dozens of current periodicals, the full range of that day's London papers, loads of windows overlooking the main apron, TV tuned to BBC World. Thoroughly pleasant in an understated manner.

We were collected by the receptionist about 20 minutes before scheduled departure, led back downstairs, re-united with hand luggage, a dozen paces to passport control, a dozen more paces into a mini-bus airside. Two minute drive straight down the apron, ground staff see us approaching and stop the main boarding passengers (who form a disorderly queue snaking back across the tarmac to the terminal (no airbridges)), minibus sweeps up to the First steps, ground staff open the minibus door, we 'smile and wave' up the steps to be greeted by CSD and stewardess (who curtsied as we reached the top of the steps).

A thoroughly enjoyable experience. The absence of any mention of the departure service on the outbound flight (even though the First cabin was full) together with the stewardess who curtsied to us later explaining that she had no knowledge of the Barbados Premium Check-In etc facility makes me think that unless BA promotes this service better to (i) its staff and (ii) passengers who are eligible to use it, the wonderful experience we enjoyed will be 'enhanced' away before too long through under use.
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Since my first posting, myself and Mrs FIRSTclstraveller travelled out to BGI in FIRST & return in WT+. Shortly after returning I wrote a long trip report, so long in fact that Flyertalk logged me out & I lost everything !!

On departure to BGI we found a small leaflet at every seat advertising this new service. However on departure at BGI for our return flight I attempted to try and find the new check in - after having gone round several roundabouts and nearly making Mrs FIRSTclstraveller sick, I gave up. We returned to check in and entered the scrum that is known as Grantley Adams. Having located the 'Club Carribean' lounge (sounds nice doesnt it??) we were very disappointed - a tiny lounge for different airlines at peak time meant hardly any room, a tiny bar & savoury biscuits as the best food on offer. Hopefully once the renovations are complete the BA lounge will be restored.

Also worth pointing out is the rather sad looking Concorde resting in the sun by the terminal. I felt rather sorry to see her in such a state - does anybody know when the roof is going up to protect her?
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See this thread
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Just wondering if this facility still exists.

Not a trace of it to be found on or AskBA.
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Originally Posted by Smirnoff
Just wondering if this facility still exists.

Not a trace of it to be found on or AskBA.
It existed in April when I was at the airport. The airport is still a disaster. Travelled them in 05 but tried VS UCS this year. Hate to say but the seat is pretty outstanding! Can't wait to see what BA's new one is like!!
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