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New thresholds

The BA "My account" page states:
"Please note: membership cards expiring from 30 April 2004 onwards will be renewed against the new renewal threshold levels (i.e., not against the existing renewal thresholds displayed above). "

Does that mean if the membership year ends in 8 April 2004 but the card doesn't expire utill 31 May - gold renewal would be 1200 or 1500 (UK).
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I just came across this and similar postings as I was reseaching the question, but see no definitive answers posted. Unfortunately the customer service desk is closed, today; however, it (now) seems pretty clear in my case that since my membership year ends on 8-Feb-04 (and my card expires 31-Mar-04), that I will need only 1200 tier points to retain gold for this upcoming (9-Feb-04/8-Feb-05) membership year. For me, that's an unexpected epiphany...if it's correct!

As you indicated, the BA website states that "[C]ards expiring from 30-Apr-04 onward will be renewed at the new...levels" and so you will need 1500. (In addition, the BA "Looking Ahead" booklet sent to us in mid-2003 confirms that "[t]he new renewal thresholds will take effect on 1-Mar-04 for existing Gold and Silver Tier members.")

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I'm in a similar situation.

Year ends 8-Feb-04, and membership card expires 31-Mar-04.

For the year I have more than 1200 tier points, but less than 1500. Originally was planning another trip this month which would have put me over 1500, but that trip is now going to wait until mid-Feb.

I believe that part of the reason for the wording about the membership cards expiring on or after 30-Apr-04 requiring new levels is to give a year of transition for existing members, particularly in North America. Up until a few years ago, everyone's year was calendar year based in NA (well, maybe just the US as Canada did have its own program at one time and I'm not sure how it was handled). Then BA changed it to a membership year based on when you qualify, and one year all existing elites had an extra month added on to their year, so their membership years ran through 31-Jan. Then everything got changed to the 8th of the month recently, so any of the elites that have been around for awhile in the US got moved to 8-Feb.

Anyway, if you do call I'll be curious to hear what you're told ... but I'm expecting to requalify for gold with more than 1200 and less than 1500.

Although to be honest, I'm not sure that gold means that much, but I have had a larger percentage of op-ups in the last 12 months than in years past. (BA probably wants to encourage me to return to my 5000+ tier point years, but that is unlikely...)
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My membership runs out on May 8th (2004) and I only need 1200 points to renew my Gold.

My understanding was that anyone who started their year before the rule change operated under the same (old) rules.

If your card expires/d after the rule change, then the new limits were in effect.

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I think the thing here is to distingush between the end of your membership year, which clearly explains is the period during which you accunulate tier points towards your status for the following year, and the expiry date on your card, which is always later than the end of the membership year.

In my case, my membership year ends on April 8, but my card is valid until May 31. If I have the 1200 in my account on April 8, I will be renewed for another year. At least, that's how I read it!
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I will find out the definitive answer but...

I believe the situation is if your tracking year ends on the 8-mar-03 then you renew on 1200 points, any later and you renew on 1500 points. So cards that expire in April renew on old thresholds and cards expiring after renew on new thresholds.
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norodnik & Dr. Zhivago,

We'll see if Maws22 can get some clarification, but I think both of you are going to fall under the new requirements.

My interpretation is that the text on the BA site is referring to the expiry date of the membership card being before (and not including) April 30 qualifying under the old levels ... and not referring to the membership year.

I have to admit, they sure could have worded this more clearly.

But I think that if you card expires March 2004 or earlier ... then you can requalify under the old levels.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by norodnik:
My membership runs out on May 8th (2004) and I only need 1200 points to renew my Gold.</font>
What are you basing that on? If its on the little indicator graphic thing, then dont... it shows the same for everyone (i.e. currently 1200), regardless of card expiry date. The get out clause is the text below it.
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Don't shoot the messenger....

I spoke to the exec club today and have had this confirmed. If your tracking year ends on the 8 Febuary and your card expires in march then you will be renewed under the old thresholds. If your tracking year runs from 8 March and your card expires in April or after then you are renewed under new thresholds. Hope that makes it a bit clearer, sorry about my misinformation above.
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