It's not just BA223 delayed.....

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It's not just BA223 delayed.....

Last night I was on BA216 IAD-LHR and apart from very heavy security from screening etc., once the doors were closed, the pilot announced that the Dept of Homeland Security were searching the passenger lists and it will take up to 2 hrs or so.

One passenger fainted (I believe) and paramedics were called and wheeled him off. Well, the crew did a great job, we were fed dinner and then 3.5hrs later we were given the all clear.

As we taxied to the runway, being in a NCW seat facing rear I noticed a set of flashing red lights chasing us, hey ho, I thought, we aint going nowehere.

Turns out we sat for half hour or so revving engines at quite a lick off and on, some concerns about one engine. End result was that we left 4.25 hrs late, the FA thought we were getting close to running out of hours! but I for one felt safer than before.

Slept well as well as we'd already eaten and no trolleys banging after take off.

Heard today that one LHR-JFK flight delayed nearly a day!, Ah well....

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by DCBritboy:
One passenger fainted (I believe) and paramedics were called and wheeled him off. </font>
Aha! He's the one.
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I was scheduled to fly on BA222 last Friday, which was affected by the delays (got a phonecall from the EC telling me the flight was put back to midnight departure). Although in the end I didn't fly back that day I'd have had no problems with flying on it. I feel that like flying on Sep 11th 02 / Sep 11th 03 the security is much tighter than on any other day or flight so you are surely among the safest in the sky

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I don't have any problem with flying to/from IAD for consideration of my own security concerns.

But in consideration of the unpredictable delays, I am considering flying out of PHL for my next trip. (If only BWI had NCW ...)

Of course, now I'm probably jinxing PHL ...
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