BA may merge with Iberia

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BA may merge with Iberia

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">

MADRID, Spain - Spanish carrier Iberia and British Airways might merge, the British carrier's chief executive said in a newspaper interview published Sunday.

Rod Eddington told El Pais that as European airlines consolidate in a troubled market the latest example being the new alliance between Air France and KLM he'd like to see BA and Iberia "in each other's arms."

Eddington was in Madrid for a meeting with Iberia officials that he said was scheduled before news broke this week of the Air France-KLM deal.

He said British Airways would wait to see how European Union (news - web sites) regulators digest that alliance and how the structure works. BA and Iberia which both belong to the OneWorld alliance with the largest U.S. carrier, American Airlines plan to strengthen their ties before deciding on whether to move toward a merger.

Eddington said Spain is a natural market for BA.

In the Franco-Dutch arrangement, the creation of a new holding company, Air France-KLM, would form an aviation behemoth with annual revenue of about $22 billion.

The new alliance, uniting Europe's second- and fourth-largest carriers, would eclipse British Airways as Europe's biggest airline.

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Surprised nobody posted about this...

EU approves BA, Iberia alliance

BRUSSELS, Dec 10 (Reuters) - British Airways and Spanish airline Iberia have won a six-year approval for an alliance across the European Union, the European Commission announced on Wednesday.
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Oh boy are the Gibraltarians gonna love this one.
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I posted something earlier but apparently no one cared!
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I've never been on Ibreia before.

Can someone comment on the quality of on-board services and cabin in comparision to BA.

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Within europe they are both equally bad in economy. The flights I had in biz class were nothing special either on IB.

If they do merge expect the lowest common denominator to prevail.
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IB First is very poor in comparison to BA - I've not heard much good said about long haul business either. Certainly the cabin doesn't look special. The ground handling is pretty poor too across the network.

All in all, I think they fall a bit below AA in terms of quality and service. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to use them.

What they do have is a very, very strong Central and South American network from Europe - all with very little competition thus delviering some very tasty yields. I guess that is why BA are interested.

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I have to disagree with Swanhunter. At least on my own experience of flying between MAD & LHR a lot last year in Y (&gt;10 rtns), both on BA & IB - the inflight product on IB, in terms of comfort, meals & staff was superior to BA. I was surprised! I can't comment on Int'l J/F on IB, however, where I suspect BA wins hands down.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by kanebear:
I posted something earlier but apparently no one cared!</font>
Nope. Don't travel with IB now and won't in future.
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I have flown both IB and BA several times between BCN and LHR. I prefer the IB service. The planes are about the same in terms of comfort - neither is anything special - but I like the personnel better, especially at check-in. Much friendlier.

Their FFP, on the other hand, sucks donkey dick.

-alan in sitges, home of the new, improved Si-Re-Do
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I flew IB on Granada Barcelona in November. I found the flight attendants on the nasty side, probably worse that AA or CO. Meal service was mediocre with a salami sandwich: I much prefer the new All Day Deli from LGW to MAD. The planes were uncomfortable with a 31' pitch, but I guess I'm spoiled from AA MRTC
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My worst flight ever in my life, from JFK to Madrid, was with Iberia. Man it was bad! I was in economy so I can't complain too much, but it was just really really bad. The flight attendants on AA and UA seems like gentle angels compared to this.
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I flew IB JFK-MAD and then MAD-MIA, and I have to say long-haul coach service is the pitts! I know I badmouth BA all the time on this board, but BA 3rd World Traveller is like a Boeing Business Jet compared to IB coach! The flight attendants were rude (BA's may be cold, but rarely insult you directly), coach was cramped like BA 3WT, however older seat model with less padding and no headrests/footrests... Also, no toothbrush/eyeshades. Food was inedible and the entertainment (on a big screen, even on their new Airbuses) was 5 years old. Also, their old 747s remind me of Aerolineas Argentinas!
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I have no desire to go to Spain-was there once, years ago. How about a French or Italian carrier?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by BackOfTheBus:
[B] The flight attendants were rude (BA's may be cold, but rarely insult you directly) [B]</font>
Most Iberia's FAs don't speak English well, or English influence by the more "direct" Spanish grammar, so they can come across as rude. From what I've observed, they treat you better if you can speak Spanish. They DO take good care of families with kids and the elderly (especially if they do speak spanish, of course!)

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