Missing points & miles

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Missing points & miles

I've noticed that whenever I've reached the airport early and managed to change my flight to an earlier one, the flight never appears on my EC statement.
Anyone know why this happens?
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The system that add's flights to accounts is pretty basic, it checks your original flight first and can see noshow so does not add it. The system won't automatically check any other flights to see if you were on them and so does not add any. That's a very basic explanation, it gets a little more complicated but without prior knowledge of the program that takes care of EC profiles there wouldnt be a lot of point in explaining it. Hope that sort of explains it, I know this is pretty vague! Any other question i'll do my best to try and explain it!
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If you've the time to explain the system, I'd be fascinated - but if you haven't no worries.
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This happens to me all the time. Sometimes I can claim the miles and points online - other times I have to send in the BP and ticket.

Does this mean that we are still a long way away from changing bookings online?
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I changed to an earlier flight returning BRU - LHR last week and the changed flight credited like a charm, with no need to chase.

As did the 2x miles bonus from the recent promotion.

Just sometimes, things work smoothly.
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