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idiparker Nov 6, 03 7:21 pm

Trading BA status for another carriers
One of the almost urban legends I've heard from time to time is that many airlines will be willing to instantly give you status if you send them proof or your status with someone else. I'm silver with BA, but I'm just not going to be able to keep it (and not sure if I want to given all the rules that have changed, etc).

Has anyone ever sent their card to another carrier asking for advanced status with them?

DELHOPPER Nov 7, 03 2:27 am

This is very common these days. I am flying around half a million status miles on Lufthansa and many airlines pitch for me. KLM is sending me every year their highest status card without me even asking for it (and rarely using it) and BA sends me every year a new silver card (last year I only made 220 points). I was only astonished a few weeks ago when a sales lady from BA came to my office and had a Gold Card as a present for me if I would sign a cvorporate agreement. Somehow I find this attitude very cheap. Not that I am complaining about the gift (which I did not accept, but my account now shows Gold anyhow - funny going with a silver card and a Gold number), but do they really think I will put a corporate contract, which is far more expensive then the LH one, into place just to get a piece of plastic that I could easily qualify for in two months if I wanted? Cheap BA.

enjoystravel Nov 8, 03 2:06 am

idiparker, you can get status match but it depends on the airlines. Do searh using keywords "elite match" or "matching status" "status match" etc. on buzz forum or your target airline forum. Continental, UAL, etc. match fairly easily. BA North America does not usually match equivalent of a silver unless it is a large account.

The situation quoted by DELHOPPER seems more related to comp for controlling a budget.

DELHOPPER, the behavior of BA and other airlines in India and outside North America/UK is very different from that in North America/UK. In these countries, the local offices match liberally, push aggressively to win corp travel accounts and hand out comped Gold cards/status freely. This is not just meant to "corrupt" the travel buyer but to help them taste the product. There is an element of inducement but I am not sure it is a direct bribery - as they are aware that all airlines will offer the top tier status to travel buyers/influencers that control large budgets.

It depends on the internal culture of the companies to make sure that their buyers are not influenced by a simple offer of status. If you control a decent budget (people or cargo), you can always request to "try" the product and evey major carrier operating out of India, Middle East, etc. will provide status. No reason to tilt towards one just based on this offer.

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