WT+ to Melbourne

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WT+ to Melbourne

My son (13) and I are flying LHR to MEL in November for the Rugby World Cup. We have booked WT+. We have never flown anywhere before and would appreciate any tips (seating etc) that you could offer? I'm not too familiar with some of your abbreviations either....
Thanks in advance
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Good choice - flying WT+... its a long flight and you have probably made it quite a bit more comfortable for yourselves...

My tip would be to take a comfortable change of clothes and a washbag on board with you to make/keep yourselves comfortable and maximise sleep.

I know that people talk quite a bit about PJs for First/Club, but PJs (or light tracksuit bottoms/shorts and t-shirt) can be good for WT+/WT on long journeys too (have done it myself in WT+ between Chicago and LHR). It helps to keep you cooler (the cabin often gets too warm), is more comfortable on your skin and saves your clothes from looking too bad.

Having your washbag around is also good to help you freshen up. Personally, I would look into finding a shower to use where your plane stops for re-fuelling (Signapore? I believe they have VERY good facilities). It would take up most of your stop, but helps you to feel refreshed and a lot more "human". I did this on my LHR-SYD flight: although that stopped at Bangkok and I had BA lounge access.

There is lots of information on WT+ seating (and how to get the most out of it) if you search the forum and I am sure that people will also post more information on it here for you too.

Have a great trip to Oz

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Welcome to the best board on Flyer Talk.

The best thing to do is to use the search function and look for threads on WT+ - there are loads.

Quite a few people say that there is nothing special about WT+ - but I always think that this depends upon where your expectations lie and what you are used to. For people who have only experienced the ultra cramped cabins on airlines like Britannia and Monarch - WT+ is extremely luxurious.

If you have never flown anywhere before it will be very interesting to read your views on WT+.

Have a great trip and post us a trip report when you get back.
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Two musts if you can :-

1. Make sure you have a window/aisle combination. It would be much better than 2 of the 4 centre seats.

2. If at all possible try and get the bulkhead seats (i.e. the ones immediately behind the dividing partition with Club). You get nobody leaning into you and a little more leg room.

[I have just realised that on a 747 - as opposed to a 777 - you cannot achieve both. I will leave it to those who have done this on a 747 to express their preference]

Also advisable to find out the confugration for the planes you will be on and keep as far away from the galley as possible (to avoid noise).

Finally, remember that the food is only basic economy so not much cop. Take plenty of your own snacks etc.

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Can I be your son? Please?

On top of what FF99 said, once you found out what configuration your plane will have, go to www.seatexpert.com to find out the good rows.

From memory, since you're probably going to be on a 747, you'll properly prefer row 17 or 29 (window blocks for both cases). The row will depend on the configuration.
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You can have a shower at the transit hotel in Singapore Airport if you don't have access to any lounges. It costs about SGD$8 if I remember. I always do this and it really makes you feel better. I would pack a clean shirt and smalls in your hand luggage as well.
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Tips for sleeping if you need it
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Ben, have you taken your son on a long train or car trip before? Does he fidgit or get bored quickly? If so, take along a gameboy (and spare batteries) to keep him amused. Just remember to make him turn the volume off on the plane. Better yet, if he loves to read have a couple of books for him.

Going to Oz, you'll go through this cycle of events: 10pm-ish departure from LHR. You would of had to of been at the airport by 8pm and probably queued for an hour to check in. Dinner will probably be served within an hour to two hours of departure so you can hopefully gets some sleep. If you can try and limit it to 2 or 3 hour blocks. It's about 11 hours to Singapore.

After the meal there may be a snack run midway through the flight. Hopefully they will be patrolling with water ever so often as well. A light meal will be served before landing also.

On the ground at Singapore try and have a shower as recommended above at the Transit Lounge. You can also use the pool and gym for an additional fee. I used the treadmill when I had a 3 hour layover. Be quick if you can as I had to wait a while for a locker and shower. Try and get lots of walking in otherwise. Go upstairs to the open air deck for some fresh air (just avoid the smokers!)

On the 2nd leg to Melbourne, try and settle as soon as possible after the meal service. Earplugs and eyemask will help, as does some sort of sleep-aid. It's only a "short" flight of 7 to 8 hours, but as you will be woken up about 90 mins before landing for breakfast, you might only get 5 hours of sleep.

You arrive in the AM. Most people say stay up all day to avoid Jetlag. I've found I can stay up till about 2 or 3 and then I just have to sleep for a couple of hours. I find this better than staying up till 9pm and then waking at 3am! Even flying in J with the flat beds I found I couldn't avoid jetlag.

Going back is better. Watch all the movies Melb-Sing. You leave in the afternoon for a night arrival in Sing. Have another shower in Singapore and buy some duty free. The 13ish hour flight Sing-LHR is great for getting a good 8hrs sleep, plus the meal services either side.

Onboard, as above has recommended, bring a washbag to freshen up with. Toothbrush and paste for oral hygenie. Listerine strips are an easy way to carry mouthwash. Lip balm and face moisturiser to help your skin from drying out. If you suffer from sinus, then take Sinex spray to help unblock your ears. Happynose helps keep the nasal passages from drying out. Pack a few paracetamol as well for good measure. Nytol will help you sleep as will a good cotton eyeshade. Earplugs you can by at Superdrug.

If you find you get hot onboard and want to have a wash, try those new bodywipes by Sure and other companies for an almost freshly showered feeling!

Clothing should be loose, natural fibers and if possible, a change of clothes. Some people like to get into trackies, but if you are wearing them when checking in, you've got no hope of an upgrade!

Drink lots of fluids, preferbly just water.

Above all, relax, sit back, enjoy the flight, the game and your holiday!

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Ben. Lucky chap. Wish I was going too. I would emphasise the need to go for window and aisle seats rather than get stuck in the middle. Do get off the plane at Singapore. Some folk stay on board but walking around and getting some fresh air albeit hot and humid does waken up the senses. You will only have about an hour after you deduct the time for getting off plane and reboarding so don't think a swim is really on. The shower may cut things fine too but you can have a wash and brush up in the public restrooms then go upstairs to the cactus garden for a break.

I find I only sleep in short spells on long haul so although son may enjoy the films etc on the seatback video I would recommend a good book too. Also talking to flight attendants in the galley in the wee small hours is always a happy experience especially on BA. That's when they are not too busy.
Think you land at Melbourne early morning so it will be a long day. Have it planned eg city sightseeing trip ; walk round the shopping district; trip up the observation tower etc. Melbourne is a great city. If you just sit around saying what shall we do tiredness and frayed tempers can take over.

A nap in the afternoon can help but most folk try going to about 10 pm and then crash out.

As this is your first time then you have chosen well with BA as your carrier and WT+ as your seat.

Have fun and a safe and happy trip

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by benson:
... We have never flown anywhere before..</font>
You may have done this already, but if you have not, join the BA, Qantas or American Airline frequent flyer program (for both of you)

In my view the UK & Kiwi's will playing in the final. The South African's were not impressive last night in Perth

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I'm amazed at the responses, thank-you all very much.
I have checked out the others sites as recommended and of course I now have more questions!
How and when do I book our actual seats (Row 29 K+I according to advice!)?
Is there a realistic chance of an upgrade for one man and his son.......?
Should I check-in online or just early at Heathrow?
Given that England have beaten South Africa, we've now relaxed as we should at least see England reach the semi-finals.
Thanks again,
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Try to get your seats now. (you said you've booked already?) Talk to your travel agent or ring up BA if your agent can't do it.

Don't expect an upgrade, they rarely occur. I never expect any - you get what you pay for. I prefer to be pleasantly surprised if and when it happens rather than being disappointed if it doesn't. There's a huge upgrade thread here, look for it.

Check in online if you can. 24 hours before departure if you're a member of the Executive Club (or registered at BA.com?), 12 hours otherwise. Advantages include:

- Ability to change your seats if the flight isn't too full. Another way to get your desired seats if you can't arrange it now.
- Ability to use the fast bag-drop at the terminal. Otherwise if you check-in at the terminal, the queue can get nasty.
- Many others that the locals here can add...
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Transit Hotel Shower Facilities This facility is ideal for travellers with a shorter stopover and who would like to freshen up.
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One comment on another's suggestion re seating. Someone suggested trying to get the bulkhead window pair immediately behind Club World. Keep in mind that these seats might be immediately behind the toilet. Particularly on a night flight, these seats might not be a great option as there is a lot of traffic to and fro (including traffic from WT in the cabin behind). Not to mention the occasional odd smell ... Depends on how important the extra few inches of leg room are to you (in WT+, not worth it for 5'7" me). Also, not entirely sure (perhaps someone can confirm), but I think the seats in the last row of WT+ don't recline as much as the others (e.g. a few inches less).
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Kate_Canuck:
Also, not entirely sure (perhaps someone can confirm), but I think the seats in the last row of WT+ don't recline as much as the others (e.g. a few inches less).</font>
The WT+ seats in the last row of the 70NCW config aircraft certainly have the same recline as the others.
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