Worth paying upgrade from CW to First?

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Worth paying upgrade from CW to First?

I’ve booked a BA/QF business RTW trip for spring 2004 – only going away for a month, as, sadly, my company doesn’t offer sabbaticals.

Just called Trailfinders to find out how much it would cost to change from business to First. I’ve paid £3.4k for the business ticket and they’ve quoted £5.5k for First.

So, my question is do you think it’s worth paying the extra £2.1k for the benefits of First? I could afford it (just), but am wondering if the difference between the two really justifies the extra cost.

Would welcome views on this….
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I would work out the number of overnight flights you are going to take on which there are flat beds in F but not in J, divide the fare difference by that number, and see whether you would be prepared to pay that difference per night for a reasonable night's sleep.

On other flights, its like paying for a suite at a hotel where what you really need is a room. Its lovely to have, but the price difference is very hard to justify.
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I have flown NCW often and First a few times - as I am not over 6ft tall I have no problems with the NCW seat. I think that the NCW product is very high quality and this makes the upgrade to First decision harder - when it was the old cradle seats - well that's another story.

To me the difference is in the absolute attention to personal service that you get in First, the better food and drink, and the spacious cabin. I don't think I would pay the extra £2k though - but if I had paid £3.5k for NCW - and I had the miles I would certainly use them to upgrade - then use the extra £2k to buy a few nights in a really luxurious hotel at the destination.

There was actually a fairly lengthy thread on this subject a while back so it might be worth trying a search.
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On such a long trip you might also want to calculate the value of the extra miles and tier points you would rack up in F. The miles alone could be enough to upgrade from WT+ to J in the future or maybe even J to F, a value of up to £1000 or more depending on your travel plans over the longer term.

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Well, if you'd bought your ticket in Egypt, you'd have about £500 quid left over from what you paid for Club to fly First!

Even if you add in a trip in Y to Cairo, you've probably got £200 quid to spare.
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In a word, if you feel you can spare it - do it. CW is far from bad, but F is really good IMHO
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On QF you may not get their sleeper seats in J.They are finishing upgrading in end 04.
Pay for the F or alternatively take the CX route and use their 'wedge bed' in J.
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There is plenty of information on the oneworld forum regarding getting RTW tickets originating in Cairo, which as LHR Tim has pointed out would be cheaper for F than you have already paid for CW.

It will involve some hassle with ticketing and and a visit to Cairo to start the RTW but given the savings you might feel it is worth it. You should be able to get a full refund (if you have already paid) on your existing tickets according to the fare rules. Thanks Gaza and ScottC
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I've flown QF First and I have to say it was one of the best flying experiences I've had. In addition to the flat beds and wonderful meals, the flight crew could not have been more professional and caring. Go for it!
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Time to chip in after months of savouring as a voyeur the peculiar charm of the BA board.

I did a RTW trip in F last year, but this year I'm going to do it in Business and spend the saving on hotels. 2 main reasons. First, the quality of the food depends entirely on the departure point and is very variable. Second (this is where I light the blue touchpaper and step back sharpish), the quality of the service depends entirely on the couple of individuals allotted to your flight and their mood that day - again, very variable, and disappointingly charmless on too many of the segments I've flown in the last few years. Yes the beds, pyjamas, and wines are great, but I'd say not enough to justify the difference if you're paying yourself unless you have bottomless pockets.

Sorry Pucci, and I'll say ouch in advance.
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Welcome to Flyertalk Gaditano!
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Thanks to all for the comments. I think I’ll probably pay for the upgrade from CW to First.

However, what I can’t figure out is what effect this will have on my BA Miles balance. I currently have 34,000 miles and have a plain old Blue card.

According to my calculations I will fly roughly 24,000 miles on my RTW trip (LHR-SFO, LAX-SYD, SYD–MEL, MEL–NRT, NRT-LHR). I think I get some sort of multiplier for flying First (x2?).

I’m not sure if I will get a Silver card from doing this trip, but assuming I do, will I get the Silver card BA Miles multiplier (+25%?) for these flights or will they work on the basis that I have a Blue card when I start the trip so won’t get the extra miles?

Assuming I get both multipliers, I think I should end up with a total of 88,000 miles – does this sound right? Sadly it’s still not enough to get me a return CW trip to west coast USA…

Or have I got this completely wrong?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Bartinbrook:
I think I should end up with a total of 88,000 miles – does this sound right? Sadly it’s still not enough to get me a return CW trip to west coast USA…

Or have I got this completely wrong?
I dont know much at all about RTW stuff but you could always buy a WT+ ticket to the West Coast, I was looking into LHR-SFO (found fares on ba.com for about £550-£650) and then use 25,000 miles to upgarde to Club World. Seems like a bargain to me.

Now though my miles are being saved up so when I get the 2 for 1 AmEx voucher I can get somewhere half decent in F with any luck.
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As you have 4 sectors over 2K miles, you should get 4*180 tier points +40 for the internal hop, if it's in business. In total, 760 points, well over the 600 needed for Silver. You should get 2* miles for 1st, also a 25% bonus kicker when you hit Silver, though you'll only hit SIlver on your last flight. It's a shame you can't put a few more sectors in to boost the miles/points.
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To qualify for points your ticket needs to be: J,C,D or I (for CW) or F or A (First). That's for BA, other Oneworld should be almost the same.

For more details, check: http://www.britishairways.com/travel...e/public/en_gb

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