"Do you live in Surbiton?"

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Perhaps the question to ask the CSD is "do you have any friends who live in Surbiton" (and look like that lady from the weakest link)
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by steadman:

I only logged on to ask a question on cross London transfers for a BA flight itinerary from Los Angeles to Inverness.

Now I couldn't care less.

That's the BA Board for you...you have to look at all the threads, as they rarely stay on topic...and OT is far more fun !

BTW, I thought loads of BA flight crew lived in Surbiton....in between LHR and LGW anyway..... I knew a fairly mad lady who worked the long haul F cabins about a decade ago and lived in Surbiton...used to correspond by snail mail (back in the days), with her letters written in one country, on hotel letterhead from another country, and often mailed from a third....lots of hilarious stories of onboard issues with pax......now I think about it, sounds a lot like our friend PG...and I have wondered if it is the same person....(but don't want to "out" anyone)....but maybe all senior BA front cabin staff follow the maxim "you don't have to be mad to work here.....but it helps" !
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I will never never get between any BA flyer and their booze again!

And, Merry, may I recommend 1837? Excellent food (The Sommelier's Food and Wine choice seven course grazing menu is a snip at 85), and the sommelier must be the most ludicrously over-the-top Frenchman I have ever come across (I almost spat out my glass' worth on more than one occasion when he started describing the wines - it's just that funny). The benefit of the Sommelier's menu is that they keep bringing you wine (Don't forget the Champange cart to start, again much mirth to be had), so you don't need to worry about bottle proximity or Hand-Eye-Bottle co-ordination.

Browns is a nice place generally, there's always space at the Bar (Excellent Cognac choices), and I found I can amuse myself endlessly making fun of the overawed American guests. They are not terribly prone to throwing people out either
Sadly I'm not aware of the density of minor nobs.


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