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chuck1 Sep 27, 03 8:57 pm

Gatiwck SOUTH lounge still open?
At one time BA had a South Terminal lounge at LGW. Is it still there?

db7 Sep 28, 03 7:12 am

All BA flights are now from the North Terminal - so BA has no presence in the south terminal anymore.

chuck1 Sep 29, 03 3:52 am


Swiss Tony Sep 29, 03 6:44 am

Don't knwo if it helps, but there is an Admirals Club in the South Termianl

Globaliser Sep 29, 03 6:59 am

But having established that the LHR T3 Chez Gerard is better than either the AA FL or AC there, would any of these establishments beat the AA lounge at LGW South?

Swiss Tony Sep 29, 03 7:05 am

The South Terminal is the preserve of the charters and low cost carriers at LGW. As a result, the common areas in the terminal tend to get very crowded. I tend to find that the bars aren't that well staffed, so it's invariably a long wait for service, and tables aren't kept that clean either.

Having never been in the AC, I can't offer a comparison, but it'd be wise to have a fall-back plan...

Disco Volante Sep 30, 03 7:07 am

The Caviar House Seafood bars at T1 and T4 LHR are good standbys. If the one at LGW is similar it is worth a vist for a glass of wine and a seafood platter.

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