LHR Arrivals Lounge for connecting pax

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LHR Arrivals Lounge for connecting pax

I swore never to fly BA after the EC changes on July 1. But I am embarrassed to say I must eat my words. Since I am flying JFK-BOM-JFK for a 1 day meeting, I need to be well rested and ready for business--no other J class product flying the market allows such sounds sleep as BA!. I initially booked Air India F (cheaper BA J), but corporate travel agency would not allow it.

But I digress. My connection in LHR is something like 1.5 hours. Can I use the arrivals lounge and make it back airside in time for the connection? Or should I use the T4 terraces shower facility (is there one?) and stay airside the whole time?

Many thanks!
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If I were you I'd stay airside. 1 1/2 hours isn't that long and if you are not an EU citizen you'll need to pass immigration. There are showers on the lower level of the lounge facilities near gate 15.

Your transfer time on the whole is quite short, getting through the transfers security check can take quite a long time and lines can sometimes extend out into the arrivals corridors.

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I would agree that staying airside would probably be the best thing to do; there are showers in T4 BA Lounge Pavillion and the lounge is as nice as the Arrivals but without hot food (iirc).

I might suggest though, that if there is a long queue for security at flight connections, that you might want to go groundside and then use the fast track queue for security.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Babu:
My connection in LHR is something like 1.5 hours. Can I use the arrivals lounge and make it back airside in time for the connection? Or should I use the T4 terraces shower facility (is there one?) and stay airside the whole time?</font>
I do this route often--my advice is to change your flight from JFK so that you land earlier and get more connection time. If you're landing at LHR on a weekday morning, be prepared for two potential snafus. First, there are often LONG waits to get off the aircraft once you have landed, as the pilot waits for a stand to become available. You may think you've landed on time, but you're not home free until you actually get off the plane. Many times, I've been tearing my hair out due to 45-minute waits on the tarmac. The second issue, as others have noted, is the potential for substantial waits at security to get into the gate area of T4. If a bunch of flights are landing at the same time, you could be cooling your heels for anywhere up to half an hour. This cuts into your shower time in a big way, and in the worst-case scenario you could miss your BOM connection. (Yes, this has happened to me!)

The arrivals lounge is better than the Terraces lounges at T4 for the post-red-eye clean-up (more showers, hot breakfast). I usually zip out through immigration to use the arrivals lounge, then go back into the gates. To make this comfortable and error-free, I'd suggest at least two hours of connection time, and probably up to three.

One other issue for your particular situation is the lack of lounge availability on the BOM end. On the BA flight, you'll be arriving at something like 2 AM, and there's no lounge of any kind. Trying to stay awake and functional for a business meeting the very next day is quite a challenge (I've done this too, when I missed my flight that time!) I usually build in an extra day on the beginning of India trips because of this rotten scheduling.
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i definitely agree with travelmad478, try to see if you can taken an earlier flight out of JFK. i am taking this route next month, but flying from EWR, and initially the agent booked me on the 2100 departure, but i insisted that they put me on the 1830 departure so that i didn't have to literally run of plane to catch the 1020 departure to BOM.

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