Buy Club Fly First and Raid the Larder Questions

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Buy Club Fly First and Raid the Larder Questions

I got the flyer about the upgrade to First this morning - its quite a nice piece of literature for a change.

I few things caught my eye.

There is a note that 777s have either 13, 16 or 17 seats. Where does the extra seat go - I've only seen a 16 seat config.

When describing Club World it says that Raid the Larder is only available on flights more than 8.5 hours. I this new? I recently raided the larder on a shorter flight than this.
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They aquire seat 5A, see here for an example.

I must admit I've never seen one of these in the flesh.

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The "extra First" flights go to destinations in the Middle East

Not a CSD's favourite as getting round 17 in First is quite a job

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