What to wear in First Class

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For me, there's two considerations:
- what's the most comfortable thing to wear on the plane?
- what clothes will I want to have with me if my checked bag gets lost?
Now I'm retired, most of my flying is to hiking destinations. I'll typically wear a rain jacket, fleece jacket and hiking boots on the plane so that I'm sure they will arrive with me and cannot be lost with a checked bag. If I were going to a wedding or a job interview, I'd at least consider wearing a suit on the plane, depending partly on how long the flight was. Lots of people, in my experience, fly in casual clothes in F and I don't feel out of place in my hiking gear at all.
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I thought the same when I was flying business the first time. To be honest, whatever you want is my answer. If you want to dress up, do it. If you want to be comfortable wear something like khakis or so. Just don't be barefooted please.
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Originally Posted by botham
We are flying in F shortly and my wife is worrying about what we should wear.

What would you guys suggest? Smart or comfortable?
I've just been through this conversation several times with my parents, who are very proper and were concerned about what to wear in business class (including for the 50 minute RTM-LCY leg, where I assured them there really wouldn't be time for anyone to notice). I'm in the "wear what you like, no-one cares" camp, my husband is in (clean) jeans and trainers regardless, but they would not have felt comfortable without making some kind of effort. So I advised against anything tight or constricting or things like big belt buckles that would dig in, and for looser cuts and lighter fabrics. Layers are always helpful. Not too much jewellery as that causes annoyance at the scanners.

I think in the end my mum wore capri trousers, a drapey camisole-type top, an open cardigan and a big pashmina wrap, with espadrilles.

Personally these days I like to fly in a maxi dress as that's the least constricting thing. Ideally something elasticated or shirred to avoid the need for a belt. Specifically I like the brand Sugarhill Brighton, who make just the thing as their shirred dresses in flowy fabrics have deep hidden pockets at the waist for phone and passport, so I am dressed like so:

Bare legs or add footless tights or thermal leggings as necessary depending on climate, and some kind of cardigan or wrap. I wear trainers given the walking distances in some airports, and if flying long haul will take flip flops for going to the loo at night (plus yoga bra, loose t-shirt and yoga bottoms if not on a service that provides pyjamas). The dress is also helpful when trying to change in tiny onboard toilets as you can get your PJ bottoms on before taking it off. Hope that provides some inspiration.
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Originally Posted by guv1976
A tutu never fails to impress.
You can't wear the former Archbishop of Cape Town
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Originally Posted by jerry a. laska
Assuming you have a daytime departure a morning suit might be appropriate, or pajamas saved from a previous EK first flight, or something comfortable.
Some other threads with suggestions:
Shorts in FIRST - genuinely one of my favourite FT threads of all time.
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When I were a lad my mother always insisted we were properly dressed, which normally meant a suit and tie.
Nowadays, irrespective of class of travel, it is something comfy and easy to relax in.
Only time I ever reverted to my childhood was wearing a suit, no tie, when we were on Concorde.
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First or long haul business I like to dress smart casual ..as I enjoy the experience as much as it being just the A-B journey as a means to an end , in first I’change to pjs , lounge wear offered by the airline

However , I also plan my arrival , local weather compared to departure , the time and day of arrival and importantly my onward travel plans ...depending on those plans , being overly dressed on exiting an airport is not always an advantage or indeed wise , especially if I’m not immediately heading to a local hotel by prearranged or private transport

Ill pack 1 days emergency change of clothes - t shirt(s) , pants etc in my carry on in case of spills or delayed checked luggage

My final consideration is footwear , it needs to be comfortable , especially if I’ll be taking my shoes / trainers off during the flight ..and putting slippers on ..to ensure I can still get them on again should my feet swell during the flight
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Aircraft seats are disgusting, as are the airport/bus/train/minicab/jetbridge seats/floors one inevitably ends up occupying while waiting around or in-transit.

Clothes from the gardening box or stained/ripped/ancient ones that can go in the hotel room bin on arrival for me quite often.

Zip-off trousers are ugly but highly useful for hot places, which often involve outdoor time in heat/sun then over-air-conditioned places.

Hoodie or second layer with head covering ideally because planes are usually cold, but unpredictable.
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Mind you it was SYD-SIN

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Originally Posted by Globalist
Mind you it was SYD-SIN
You look happy.
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This is probably as good of a thread as any to share this anecdote. The first time I flew long haul J was my honeymoon. I was incredibly excited as Id waited years to do it. I dressed up fancy and made the best efforts. I was convinced only the fanciest of folk would be flying business. I was very much in a Ive made it. DYKWIA mindset. Just as I got to the check in desks as approached the bouncer for J line the sole decided to fall off one of my boots. The bouncer looked at me and said Sir, this is the queue for business, economy is over there.

Mortified and sent crashing back down to earth. I walked through security about 1cm shorter on one side than the other and had to spend an insane amount on fancy airport shoes.
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Originally Posted by gustavmahler
Shorts in FIRST - genuinely one of my favourite FT threads of all time.
A classic, as was the McDonalds in First thread
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I don't often fly in First but I am in a week or two and will wear what I want tidily
However and I'm sure theres threads on this etiquette somewhere too but on a 13hr flight,I absolutely will be doing a few walking laps pf the plane,is this ok to do in the first pajama kit with slippers ?
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Clothing is always preferred!
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