What to wear in First Class

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you guys wear clothes?
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When I have my motorcycle at the final destination, I wear my motorcycle leather gear and change on the plane to Pyjama.
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Your wife should wear Grace Kelly casual.

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I would suggest for your wife what Ms. Munroe wore in bed.

”Chanel no 5”
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Your "I'm only here for the hot dogs" shirt.
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I think despite questionable music/ singing it is generally accepted that Victoria Beckham has some style and she's normally in sweatpants in the plane.
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If my husband dared wear jogging bottoms or trainers anywhere, I’d divorce him. I realise nowadays that people don’t care what they look like and obtained their style sense and good taste from a circus dog. Relaxed casual works fine I’d hardly recommend a twin-set and pearls for your wife either. I come from a planet where casual elegance is the norm to which one strove. Keep a light sweater just in case that the crew make a bit free with the air con. My husband wears Rieker shoes as they are so comfortable and I have a pair for ladies whilst on board. This, I might add is for J as well as F.

What we both wear and this is why I wear trousers aboard are compression stockings and not one of you appear to have thought of that. They’re hardly chic but no one gets to notice. I know too many people with circulation problems. They’re warms as well.

The pyjamas that you will be given are perfect. Just dont throw your underwear in the floor as one man did and expect them to be picked up and washed as I have related here before.
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If traveling for work, then sweat-pants and a t-shirt, with a blazer/sport-coat on top. It's a hideous look, but it means that my blazer will be hung in a closet rather than scrunched in a roll-on, and can be worn immediately on arrival. I remove the blazer as soon as I board, and change into pyjamas as soon as viable, so I only have to look ridiculous for a brief period
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Originally Posted by 1Aturnleft
A ball gown and tiara for boarding and take off and then a change of outfits into perhaps a khaftan evening dress for the main service.

And then for your wife.....

.... whatever makes you most comfortable to enjoy a long flight. Most passengers will often change into the lounge wear offered after boarding after take off and hang their travel clothes in the wardrobe. That way any spillages wont ruin anything important and you can change back in to fresh uncreased clothing brfore landing 👍

Enjoy what I asaume is to be your first First.... I can still remember mine and still enjoy the experience from time to time... infrequently enough in order to keep it as a special treat.
But you must do a full tour of the plane dressed like this, giving royal waves
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Originally Posted by LCY8737
Black tie. Nothing else will do.
Just a black tie and nothing else?? That's a bit extreme....
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Originally Posted by KARFA
I feel some of us havent quite got the body to pull off that outfit - at least not without a more relaxed fit top
Oh, come on KARFA. Don't be so hard on yourself!
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Whatever is comfortable.
Honestly, I don't care what one can wear as long as it's clean and well kept; behaviour and manners are the things that count. One can be dressed up for Ascot and still be an entitled moron. Others can have t-shirt, jeans and running shoes and be the politest, nicest and caring person on board.

Me, sometimes I wear smart casual, sometimes just casual, irrelevant of cabin. The most important thing is being comfortable, feeling good, and have a shawl or a large scarf at hand for the air conditioning (and that applies to airports and lounges as well. Some of them, especially in US are walk-in freezers!)
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Originally Posted by Waterhorse
Nothing to see here, move along, move along😂😂
Exactly what I remember, nothing. 🤭
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Pyjamas. Failing that harem pants and a tie dye TShirt as an outfit combo has drawn several odd looks in F.
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Originally Posted by Waterhorse
To be at the the bleeding edge of fashion, it has to be jockstrap and flippers
No, that was last month. On the catwalks in Milan it's diamant chaps with a velvet racing green smoking jacket and this on top...
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