Pet peeve... wasting food

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I hate wasting food with a passion and try and teach my kids how bad it is whether that be at home or out.
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As previously discussed - Hilton breakfast: Special order fried eggs, eggs benedict, waffles and a family-sized bowl of yoghurt - abandoned.

(Slight thread drift - but it is a BA destination!!)
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I guess those of us who grew up in the days of WW2 and post-War rationing have a particularly strong POV
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Originally Posted by Lefly
I saw a lot of Americans doing that too, and not only in lounges. Once, on a transcon, the lady seated at my side chose the cheese plate when the CC asked about desserts. She didn't eat anything from it... not one single thing. It was the last cheese plate, by the way
A passenger selecting *one* dessert on a long flight seems to be quite different from what's posted here. Although you appear to have been watching intently, the passenger may have intended to eat it. And it's not like the passenger could have gone back up to the planes buffet 10 minutes later. While I agree with the OPs post, I think focusing on what other people eat and shaming them for it when they've ordered a single dessert might be taking it a bit far.
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So wrong. Almost as if they were trying to draw comment. That plate of rice alone would defeat 3 grown men. Something very off there.
The Hilton breakfast looks as if there is something else to the story - had to wait so long they were running late perhaps? I live in hope there was a reason.
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Originally Posted by T8191
I guess those of us who grew up in the days of WW2 and post-War rationing have a particularly strong POV
I think that largely carried over for a generation as well (myself included) because our parents gave us food and we either ate it or we went hungry. If you ever met me, you would realise I was a fast learner...

But anyway, yes, hate food waste, one of those great social evils. Unfortunately buffets will always make it just that bit easier.
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Disgraceful behaviour
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What I dont understand is why some people pile so many different foods onto one plate. Veg, meat, fish, rice, curry, pasta, chips, guacamole, coleslaw, bread, fried eggs, fruit and so on all mixed together.

I suppose it cuts down the effort of standing up to walk to the buffet too often.
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That's outrageous. I'm not one to say something but this would have triggered me. Pure arrogance.
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It does appear, in my experience, that when prices are inclusive then the customer thinks of nothing else than to pile their plate high. It is true for breakfast included on prices as well as in lounges. Sadly although I am an atlanticist by nature and politics, it seems to be more prevalent amongst those who live across the pond. I only say this based upon my experience and observations. I do believe that prejudice is wrong, but I have no issue with discriminating.
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Originally Posted by MaxFlyer
I hate wasting food with a passion and try and teach my kids how bad it is whether that be at home or out.
Me too, try teaching elderly parents! It particularly annoys me when there is enough left over for lunch and food is thrown away, or the left overs hang around for too long.
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Does the presence of the suitcase suggest the food is headed for 'stolen' status? That could be quite the plot twist.
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I find this depressing, irresponsible, and shocking. One of the many reasons why I hate buffets in general, it gets the worst out of some people.

I'm not saying that I am in favour of extreme "you are not leaving the table till you finish what there is on your plate" parenting, but I do suspect that if the parents of that guy had taken that line or a variation thereof with him once or twice in early years, they would have done both him and the planet a service.
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Maybe it's because some people are simply not used to having that amount of food on a buffet to choose from. Silja Line out of Helsinki, we saw Russians at the "all in" breakfast with plates like the Pyramids and several glasses of beer, which was included. Not so much that a lot of it was left, which was bad enough, but they tended to heap several different courses on top of each other. Cooked items with sweet pastries then smoked fish all balanced on top of each other just being shovelled down.
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Originally Posted by TTmex
Yes, it's mind boggling. Watched it many times. I've been to a couple of buffets in my time where the price increases if you leave food on your plate. Amazing how people take less. Not going to work in lounges, but wish people wouldn't be so wasteful.
I think wastefulness leads to other bad behaviors.
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