How often do you fly?

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Kind of streaky in my case. I generally do long haul 3 times a year from Mex to Europe or Asia. However one long haul into Europe can come along with 12 to 14 short haul legs included in that trip. In Mexico I don't tend to do much internal flying these days as I'll often go stateside to see family when I've got spare time. I can easily go 3 months not flying and then have another flurry of flights over a few weeks
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With family overseas I tend to do at least two long-haul trips per year (TX/West Coast USA and SE Asia with side trips built in) and 3-4 European holidays and 2-3 domestic trips as well. Usually like to space my trips out roughly every 6 weeks so I've always got something to look forward to.
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Probably about 15 round trips each year purely between JER and the mainland (half personal, half for work), and then three or four leisure trips (mostly to Europe, perhaps one a year to the US). So about 50 flights, but well over half of them involving JER in some way and thus being very short.
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Leisure only and I generally do around one LH a month over the last nine months, though its not usually as much as that. (Wife is CC). A few other SH to Spain (skiing) and Greece (sailing) at various points in the year.

Because a lot of the flying is Staff Travel no status, however some proper J stuff booked via BAH this year so Silver is coming.

Always loved travel and our retirement funding takes into account J travel with BA to try and maintain Silver.

Also like BA so most of our flying will be with them. Had the misfortune of trying Qantas LH last week - hopefully never again.
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Pre-covid 150 - 200 flight per year. So roughly 3 or 4 per week. Post-covid it's more like 70 - 80 per year. The majority are SH for work.
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Originally Posted by AIKE
I work in public relations for a FTSE 250. Would love to hear what kind of jobs other users are in that enables frequent transatlantic or other more interesting travel than mine.
Theres a thread for this

OT: occupation of BA FTers
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About one round trip per month - about 1/3 of that is for work. I fly more than some, but not enough to go all in for status with one airline.
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5-6 LH and 4-5 SH every year, some work, some leisure. Work in media which takes me to some interesting places, plus family overseas means some trips for catching up too.
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Originally Posted by PAL62V
plus family overseas means some trips for catching up too.
ha yeah me too - I forgot that I do SFO or LAX to SYD once a year for the last 35 years to visit family. So routine now..
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Self paid leisure , about 2 flights per month, also depends on my own shifts with my own employer

and this is travelling down to LHR or LGW from NW to start my journey
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I fly BOS-LHR once a month.
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About 50 a year.
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Around 26 long haul(TATL) legs per year plus 15-20 Schengen, UK/Schengen, US domestic legs per year.
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Simple old Leisure traveller, but we try to get away on holiday every 2/3 of months. Ex-JER obviously adds connecting sectors every trip, which conveniently ups the Sector count and the TPs! Pre-Covid, >30 Sectors p/a, currently ~20. Destinations ... mainly USA, Caribbean and Mediterranean.
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Too often.............8 flights next week, week after = 4, week after that = 5 and then another 5 the following week, each of these trips being work-related. Yes, it can be tiring at times but it's part of the job. Each of these flights is short haul Europe and I get to fly in Club which makes it a bit more comfortable.
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