Collecting Avios with Uber

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I have just done it but got the message Oops something went wrong (BA no doubt) but I then received an email from Uber to confirm my account is now linked - when I go back into Uber > Account > Settings > Rewards it confirms I am now collecting Avios. -
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Originally Posted by EvilDoctorK View Post
Now if they could make it for 1 Avios per minute you have to wait for an Uber then it could be interesting ( or compensation in Avios when the driver cancels on you )

I understand the economics of it isn't attractive for a lot of the drivers and this is the root of a lot of the issues .. but as a user it's really become so much worse in London than it used to be - will do most things to avoid Uber these days , hard to rely on it ( and even if you can get a car the prices have become rather 'adventurous' quite a lot of the time )
If only there was an alternative London taxi service available whose drivers are highly trained, vetted, legally price monitored, been around for hundreds of years and safe for women to use.
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No sign of a Rewards heading yet in my Uber account.
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I have updated, logged out and back in and I still get the same issue - I can link only to my AC Aeroplan account. I don't even HAVE an Aeroplan account!
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Are there any good sign-up bonuses for new accounts?
I googled and found this one only
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Worked fine for me.
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No Rewards heading in my app. Surely this is not worth the hassle given the paltry earning potential.
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Linked successfully after updating the Uber app. The Starwood/Uber partnership back in the day helped drip feed points in , and while this isn’t going to earn me an F return to SYD it will give a modest return on spend.

As for Uber v Black cabs, John Warbouys and personally making 2 reports of drivers for racist abuse. Never had that with Uber! 😉
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The link wasn't in my settings yesterday but appeared today, signed up no probs and received confirmation email. Using IOS
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I've still only got Aeroplan.
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Hi all,

I've just managed to complete this on iOS/iPhone without any issues.

I've put some instructions/screenshots below for anyone struggling, hope this is helpful.

1. Tap on Account and then Settings

2. Tap on the option for BAEC

3. Tap on Link Account

4. Sign in using your BAEC details

5. If you are happy with what is being transferred from BAEC to Uber, then click Accept

6. Once done, you should see the following screen
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Originally Posted by knifeandfork View Post
No one is going to be making Tesco 2000-2008 balances out of this. But will be a useful way of keeping Avios balances alive without ever thinking about it.
Unless they change the thresholds for keeping balances active....
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Seems like a lot of data being shared too (post 41)
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About as helpful as Uber support! I have no British Airways Executive Club under rewards; only Aeroplan.

Originally Posted by Paren View Post

2. Tap on the option for BAEC

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Uber Avios not hit my account yet. Fingers crossed.
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