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Prices being equal, would you entertain an extra stop in a LHR-LAX to enjoy LH's F?

Prices being equal, would you entertain an extra stop in a LHR-LAX to enjoy LH's F?

Old Oct 23, 22, 5:04 am
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Prices being equal, would you entertain an extra stop in a LHR-LAX to enjoy LH's F?

Hopefully the title makes sense, my apologies if it doesn't

As you know, people who regularly fly F in LH, AF, LX, etc. tend to relentlessly bash BA's F. BA's F is regularly known as Premium J. As the price differentials can be significant, there might be a case for understanding why the hard and soft product of BA is inferior.

I'm planning a trip to LAX for 2023, and I was wondering whether any of you would entertain an extra stop in FRA (or perhaps CDG/ZRH) in order to experience F in LH/AF/LX. This question is under the assumption that the price differential is negligible, and so the main inconvenience is the extra stop + time that using LH/AF/LX will entail.

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Old Oct 23, 22, 5:09 am
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As a standard routing around these parts to LAX would be OTP-LHR-HEL-JFK-LAX I dont see an extra hop being questioned
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Old Oct 23, 22, 5:11 am
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Originally Posted by mikeyfly
As a standard routing around these parts to LAX would be OTP-LHR-HEL-JFK-LAX I dont see an extra hip being questioned
My latest routing to LAX went a little further than that ARN-HEL-LHR-MAN-JFK-LAX
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Old Oct 23, 22, 5:47 am
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If you've never tried Lufthansa F, then yes, with equal prices (or even within the realms of the same kind of pricing) it is clearly worth the extra stop and the change. Lufthansa have often done "2 for 1" type deals over the past few years to increase load, maybe if you were willing to wait the prices would even be lower. Even Swiss F would be worth the trip, and if you're in London you can then be dropped off at LCY, which may be more convenient. Don't forget that the "extra time" will be giving you access to a really nice lounge as well in one of FRA/ZRH. Your "suffering" then would be a fairly mediocre lounge in the UK.

(I say this as someone who has tried LH F and LX F, but never Air France... to be honest on these occasions I tended to try and maximise my lounge time in FRA, to the point of building in an overnight stopover before the F segment to try the full FRA F terminal)
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Old Oct 23, 22, 5:54 am
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If there is a special consideration involved (such as wanting to experience the product or points or price) I would go with that.

All other things being equal, always the non-stop. First is about having a seamless and enjoyable trip. Changing aircraft is the opposite of seamless and enjoyable. Even the most expensive champagne is not going to change that.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 5:56 am
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Personally, no, but then I am probably quite a bad Flyertalk-er in that sense. Id much rather pick the most efficient route to my destination, with timings that avoid very early starts and land as late as possible at the destination. Where multiple flights a day from LHR are an option (e.g. JFK, LAX, IAD) Id go for the later option to avoid an early start from GLA.

On the margins, I might consider one additional stop if it was the difference between attaining/keeping a status or not. Which isnt an option in this case since youre considering LH, LX and AF.

Having said all that, YMMV. If your priorities (either generally or for this specific trip) are about getting the best possible ground and air-borne experience, then opting for one of those carriers is perfectly reasonable and logical. For nothing else, to help you validate whether the grass is truly greener or determine the extra stop and longer travel day isnt worth it.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 6:50 am
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Having previously entertained your suggested routing (LH F LAX-FRA-LHR) I'd say go for it and see how other airlines do things. Sometimes it's good to test the water outside of Oneworld and see another perspective. I'd advocate LH/LX/AF/SQ/CX F are all perspectives everyone should try and acquaint themselves with at least once in their lifetime if circumstances allow. Even if the journey is slightly longer and more convoluted, the overall passenger experience is generally better than anything BA can muster. My LH F trip companion is a BA SCCM and we were both blown away with the experience.

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Old Oct 23, 22, 7:42 am
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I've flown the LAX-FRA-LHR in F several times over the last few years with LH. I've found it to be a consistently great product. And if time is not of the essence to you, you could even experience the First Class Terminal at FRA and be driven in on the tarmac to your onward flight. Since you would not be originating in FRA, you would need to go landside and do a walk. It's not encouraged but it can be done. Otherwise the First lounges are also quite nice.

With all that said, I'm actually flying with BA in F JFK-LHR-JNB in a few weeks time. Quite frankly because the GBP 5,000 that I paid a while ago was just too good to pass up.

So, is LH F a great product - in my view, yes! But is the experience worth the time and perhaps, inconvenience, only you can decide! :-)
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Old Oct 23, 22, 8:02 am
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Without hesitation I would fly LH F with stopover rather than BA F direct.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 8:05 am
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Most definitely. I live only 6 miles away from Birmingham Airport and I would definitely fly BHX-FRA-LAX. Quick 65 minute flight to Frankfurt which wouldn't be any quicker than getting to Heathrow to start with (I don't usually drive to Heathrow) so yes I would.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 8:27 am
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With a few caveats, no.

If I wanted to try LH F or the indirect route offered extra frequent flyer benefits then I might. Otherwise, the hassle and extra time would be a no no as I live in London.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 9:10 am
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I used to be a heavy frequent flyer of LH+LX F class to London via FRA and ZRH.

However, these days I am opting to fly BA non-stop to London in F. For sure the BA F standards are not on par with LH or LX F standards. However, convenience of a direct flight has outweigh that differentiation.

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Repeating stuff here, if time is the essence - business trip of a couple of days for instance - then direct can be what is necessary. If the flight is part of a holiday trip or even a longer business trip or, in my case taking my OH along, then once AF or LH has been tried there's no going back. There's no stress in changing planes when you're met by a BMW and driven straight to a Michelin starred lounge.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 9:59 am
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Id fly BA direct just to avoid the awful business class product on the intra European LH connection to FRA. Id rather spend the time before my long haul in the Concorde room than in a beat up A320 with 30 inch pitch.

BA F is fine, LH is better but not worth the extra hassle IMHO.
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Old Oct 23, 22, 10:13 am
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Yes. Flying LH F is an amazing experience. Also not sure when exactly but LH F is getting new seats in 2023. The seat looks on par with AF F.
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