Club Completely Empty but Upgrade Refused

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Originally Posted by msm2000uk View Post
As the OP has said they'd be willing to pay something for the upgrade, I don't begrudge them for asking.

Actually that’s exactly the opposite: check in person asked op if they’d be willing to pay something for an upgrade but as it was a short flight they said they were not interested and didn’t check the price (post 5)!

They did pay for j on longer sector thiugh.
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Originally Posted by 12d121 View Post
Not sure I'm following the analogy because nobody has expected anything. But to take your analogy...

I was perfectly happy with the economy seat (or the chips). Asked if there were any upgrades to business (or the steak). They said no (or the restaurant said no). The economy seat was then enjoyed perfectly happily with complete understanding that this was what was paid for (or perfectly happy to receive and eat the chips because that was what was ordered).

While eating the chips I would still be thinking about the operational considerations airlines go through when offering upgrades
Pushback accepted. I assuming, or misread, that you wanted a free upgrade.

Agree it is madness not to at least offer you a paid upgrade.
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Originally Posted by Will100 View Post
Agree it is madness not to at least offer you a paid upgrade.
The airline did offer a paid upgrade, but the OP was not interested: Club Completely Empty but Upgrade Refused

In any event, it would not have been "madness" if a business class product could not have been delivered at short notice.

In addition, as the OP did not buy a business class ticket to begin with, it seems unlikely that they would have been willing to pay for a fare difference upgrade. Most posts on here about paid upgrades mean "cheapie upgrades". And it's not madness for the airline to decline to provide a business class product at a cut-price rate to someone who didn't think the full price was worth it.
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