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13Nov pm - 17Nov am : BAEC account maintenance - cannot login or spend Avios

13Nov pm - 17Nov am : BAEC account maintenance - cannot login or spend Avios

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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:08 am
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Originally Posted by London Dude View Post
FWIW, my BA Chase statements are issued on the 28th of each month, and the Avios have always been credited to my BAEC account on the 30th, also occasionally on the 29th.
Mine normally shoe up in two days, but they would have gotten deposited during the upgrade. Seems like they have disappeared. Sent a message to Chase, BA via twitter, and PM on flyer talk . Hopefully someone will respond.
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:08 am
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Originally Posted by ed_flyer View Post
Can’t convert Nectar to Avios since maintenance happened. Had to reconnect accounts, now getting this error:

“Oh dear! Something went wrong”
Same here
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Originally Posted by Swanhunter View Post
Still have duplicate flights, missing flights and now some random e-store reversals on a linked HH account that also deduct from my account with the message “Household redemption” .

How can they have screwed this up so badly?
I found the same unexplained household redemption. Check your HHA partners account - my partners account shows the same transactions as credits.

So some sort of balancing transfer I guess but poor of them not to let you know what and why.
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:12 am
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They’ll just appear in a few days
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:18 am
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Tier points from 21/11 have also posted today
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:35 am
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Originally Posted by ed_flyer View Post
Still getting the same error message today. Even tried unlinking and re-linking my account, same error.

Do I contact BA or Nectar? Anyone know the best email address to use?
On Twitter, Nectar have said that there's still some background work going on, they don't have a timescale for resolution but are hoping it's soon (I take that to mean whenever BA manage to fix the mess they've made)
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:39 am
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Originally Posted by Irreverent Medusa View Post
Same here
Okay so it’s not just me. Must be a new bug introduced as part of the “maintenance”.

Couldn’t find an email address and I don’t fancy hours on the phone just to be cut off so I’ve tried tweeting BA. Will report back if I get a response 🤞🏻
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Old Nov 27, 21, 6:44 am
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Originally Posted by Jet Ranger View Post
Randomly I logged in to check my...... So now I’m wondering if they’ll stick long enough to hit my re-qualification for Gold 😉
Now that you've mentioned this here, your/everyone's chances of that happening have been reduced.

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Old Nov 27, 21, 7:10 am
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Originally Posted by 86BA7 View Post
Tier points from 21.11 have now posted today, the ones from 19.11 have not yet.
I’ve had neither flight from those two days post yet.

Originally Posted by Banana4321 View Post

Also when one uses the Claim Missing Avios. You can enter the ticket number but the "Continue" button never becomes active!
That’s been my experience too although I think it’s just going to be a case of waiting for them to sort out what sounds yet another vintage BA IT f**k up. Honestly I cannot get my head round how one company’s IT systems are in such a terrible state. And as for taking the entire system down for four days in order to make this mess, well, I don’t even know where to start…
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Old Nov 27, 21, 7:15 am
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Novembers Amex card Avios posted 9 days later than usual.

Plus posting of Finnair BKK to HEL flight on 22nd in “Club Europe” but despite that bit of nonsense the correct Avios and Tier points credited.
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Old Nov 27, 21, 8:05 am
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Have found that straight BA flights aren't being credited with TP's or Avios within 48 hours. The 'Claim missing TP/Avios' tells me that my bona fide E-Ticket number isn't valid. When I do a telephone claim they do get credited, but inefficiently e.g the inbound flight is credited but not the outbound and finally, although they show up in My Flightpath the Cities Visited total doesn't increase (that's cost me 2 new cities) and the relative country does not get highlighted on the map. Great IT upgrade indeedy!
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Old Nov 27, 21, 8:07 am
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Only issue I'm still having, and it was a pain yesterday during IRROPS, is that the app will not update times, gates etc., so no idea when my flight(s) are delayed, gate changed and so on.
Other people at the gate seemed to have no issues. Could be just me, my Android phone (AA app constantly crashing now, so I'm assuming some update to the phone is causing issues?), or something else.

My first 100 points from the e-store promo posted from a purchase 2-3 weeks ago, with the points for the purchase yesterday (also got a load of Nectar points for it). No rush.
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Old Nov 27, 21, 8:24 am
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Has anyone had any issues having Avios and TP credited to your accounts?

I flew F to PHL on Monday and expected to see those miles credited to my account. Still nothing.

Actually, ignore this - have seen above others have been having issues as well.
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Old Nov 27, 21, 8:35 am
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Still have not had 2 AS J flights from 12 November credited and we are now 2 weeks out. I tried BAMissingAvios on this board, got a response, but nothing yet after several days. This was part of a 3 flight itinerary, with only the first flight, from before the maintenance posting.

I'd like to be patient but I'm concerned about missing the deadline on getting these missing flights credited since there doesn't seem to be any improvement with all the issues that people are having; as ones appear to be fixed it turns out they aren't, and new issues just keep cropping up.

Has anyone had any AS flights credited since the "Maintenance/Upgrade" started?
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Old Nov 27, 21, 8:37 am
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I think the deadline for retro claims is 6 months so you have plenty of time.
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