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BA announces Avios partnership with Nectar

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BA announces Avios partnership with Nectar

From BAs Media Centre:

Thursday 21 January: Nectar and British Airways have today announced a new partnership, giving customers the opportunity to convert Nectar points into Avios and plan for some truly incredible travel memories.

It means that for the first time ever, customers who collect Nectar points will be able to convert their points balance to Avios through the British Airways Executive Club, which can be put towards flights with British Airways, as well as upgrades, hotel stays, car hire and more. The partnership will turn everyday spending into special travel experiences and help travellers as they think ahead for future trips
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250 Avios per 400 Nectar points. The exchange works both ways.

edit: correction
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Amazing couple of articles from Raffles and HFP.


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My Nectar points that have been lying around for ever doing nothing, suddenly have a lot of value. Very happy about this tie up.
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Great news imo - was never a fan of Tesco (products overrated and overpriced); Sainsbury's beats on both points. Also much easier to earn Nectar points - ebay, train tickets, surveys etc.
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Amazing! I have a lot of Nectar points to convert!
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Fantastic. My 69000 nectar points are suddenly valuable
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Originally Posted by marconess View Post
Maybe switch those links around so that part 1 is first?
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Originally Posted by londonba2014 View Post
Great news imo - was never a fan of Tesco (products overrated and overpriced); Sainsbury's beats on both points. Also much easier to earn Nectar points - ebay, train tickets, surveys etc.
Tesco beats Sainsburys for alcohol prices IMO, and besides you can't earn Nectar points on spirits.
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Tanya Turner is probably pleased with this news, she now has the possibility to live a bit more with her nectar points.

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Wonderful - I can happily shop in Sainsbury's rather than nasty Tesco.

However the app seems rubbish as it says that it will scan it and there is no bar code and entering manually you get a moribund message saying that they are working on it and to try again in 30 seconds. We are off to a great start!


I tried to register on line and had no end of trouble - the sweet young lady called me and we tried everything. I suggested that I get a new card and that everything on the old card be transferred over. Although it was a bit of a palarva it seems to have worked and after a call lasting 40 minutes we seem to have the problem resolved (fingers crossed). I had never registered the card and I discovered that I had about 4000+ nectar points which will be changed as soon as possible.

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Great! I actually have a use for my Nectar points now.
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Shame that Sainsbury is a lot more expensive than Tesco and tons more than Aldi etc.

But being able to spend Avios at Ebay and Argos is a BIG gamechanger.

Flights is now a secondary consideration for Avios and means for me that the 2 for 1 voucher less valuable.
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With taxes and surcharges being so high on redemptions, transferring Avios to Nectar for 0.8p each will be attractive to a lot of people. Even more so if the double up offers on eBay return which would give 1.6p per Avios.
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I think if eBay did that again we'd all be emptying out our Avios balances at 1.6p .....
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