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London/SE England in Tier 4 + countries with UK flight ban : impact on BA travel

Old Dec 19, 20, 11:20 am
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Latest guidance

From Heathrow Airport Limited, 22:14 GMT 19 Dec
Following UK Govt. advice, if you are in Tier 4, you should not be travelling unless it is legally permitted. If youre in Tiers 1-3, you can still fly from Heathrow but should carefully consider whether you need to.

In light of the new tier restrictions, passengers should NOT plan unnecessary time at the airport. Please allow 2 hours ahead of departure for short haul flights and 3 hours for long haul flights.

More information can be found here

List of countries and territories currently restricting travel from the UK, from CWS's post 294, last updated at 18:30 GMT.
- Albania (till January 6th)
- Algeria
- Argentina
- Austria
- Belgium
- Brazil (post 589)
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- Chile
- China (Mainland)
- Colombia

- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- Dominican Republic (406)
- Ecuador
- El Salvador (also South Africa)
- Estonia
- France (48 hours for the moment)
- Finland
- Germany

- Gibraltar
- Hong Kong (also South Africa)
- Hungary
- India
- Iran
- Ireland
- Israel (also restricting Denmark and South Africa)
- Italy
- Jamaica (2 weeks, see post 397)
- Jordan
- Kuwait
- Latvia
- Lithuania

- Malta (339)
- Mauritius
- Morocco
- Netherlands
- North Macedonia
- Norway
- Oman (all countries)

- Pakistan
- Panama (also South Africa, post 409)
- Peru
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania (from this afternoon, this morning's flight has gone ahead).
- Russia (1 week for now)
- Saudi Arabia
- Seychelles (until end of Jan - ref BA Holidays agent)(461)
- Singapore (from 2359 on Dec 23)

- Slovakia
- Spain (343)
- Sweden (also Denmark) (362)
- Switzerland (also South Africa)
- Tunisia
- Turkey (also Denmark, NL.)
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London/SE England in Tier 4 + countries with UK flight ban : impact on BA travel

Old Dec 23, 20, 8:45 pm
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Originally Posted by brunos View Post
Any official link?
not official link but first hand info from someone who is denied boarding

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Old Dec 23, 20, 8:55 pm
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BA 207 LHR-MIA has been cancelled until Jan 3, 2021 if I am to rely upon the BA.com lookup.
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Old Dec 24, 20, 12:29 am
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Originally Posted by brunos View Post
Any official link?
Not that I can find. Have tweeted Iberia this morning.
4 days at the Hyatt Place Heathrow for me.

Iberia web site now says - not what is said when I left the house yesterday:

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Old Dec 24, 20, 1:23 am
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Brazil just banned flights and passengers from UK. Also applies to people who originate their journeys in U.K. link below (apologies, its only in Portuguese)

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Old Dec 24, 20, 1:25 am
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Originally Posted by rockflyertalk View Post
It may be madness! However it seems Spain are coping reasonably ok, say compared to U.K., in recent weeks since a 2nd outbreak at the end of Oct/early Nov. Numbers have steadied and at 127 per 100K. It was up at 400 back in Oct/Nov.

So perhaps they really dont want to risk any good work done.

I think Im safe in saying some people have been a little selfish this year in their behaviour, I think thats been clear from many view points globally.

So If a country gets a bit selfish about its own population for a short period in order to protect their health and care systems then calling them out as madness might be a little harsh. But its such a challenging period for anyone and everyone, that creating division is futile.
We're veering OT but I find it mad that, although we do have countermeasures countries are slapping total bans based on arbitrary criteria on very short notice. The Spanish ban to non-residents for transfers is one of these. Are Spanish residents less likely to pass on the virus? And why doing it one day for the other, with no advance warning? I'm all for safety, I'm all for taking precautions, I'm all for modifying our behaviours. I've given up on seeing my family, given up on travel (and both have been very costly and I'm not talking about money), but these sort of knee-jerk reactions are just irrational. I mean, we've got Markie, here, holed up at a Hotel over Christmas while they could've asked him to get a test, two tests, three tests. What-is-the-point.
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BA are suspending Maldives flights from 8th January to 1st February. Interestingly this has come from BA/ UK gov, as Maldives tourism are encouraging arrivals.

“You’re currently due to travel [from MLE] to London Heathrow between 08 January and the 01 February. Unfortunately, due to the UK Government’s national restrictions, your flight will soon be cancelled as we’re temporarily suspending our flights on this route.
Please rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to help......”

(not my email, luckily I’ve just got back).

note - it appears that BA may have sent these emails in error, possibly confusing SEZ (where there are now restrictions on flights from the UK) with MLE (where tourism from the UK is being encouraged).

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Brazil have banned all flights from UK Starting tomorrow (Christmas day)- doesn't mention how long for. Was due to travel for work on 1st with BA- presuming they will now all be cancelled.
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Old Dec 24, 20, 3:44 am
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China just announced that they will also suspend all flights between China and UK.
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Old Dec 24, 20, 4:24 am
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Originally Posted by binman View Post
German airports were providing state funded testing to all EU citizens including transitioning citizens
How enlightened of them not to be discriminating against transgender persons.
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To bring my post on topic, I will be interested to see what BA do regarding their LHR-SIN-LHR flights. They kept going throughout lockdown 1.0 and summer but were cancelled (but still flew as freight) throughout lockdown 2.0.

Edit: Just seen that LHR-SIN has been cancelled until Jan 12th.

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My Dublin flight on the 31st was finally cancelled. It's a bit strange as the flight ban has been in-place for the week. I've rebooked on a Belfast flight to London City which actually works out better for me since my original Dublin to City flight was cancelled a while ago.
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My 5th January LHR - LCA flight has just been cancelled and it seems they have taken it from 2 flights a day to just 1 at a different time... and rather than rebook me, they have just cancelled my ticket

also looking through the next couple of weeks, a LOT of flights have been cancelled
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Originally Posted by sophialite View Post
Seems like California is now requiring a covid test within 72 hours. BA just emailed me about it for my flight this weekend.
could you share the copy of the email? I am due to fly on the 30th on BA269 but havent had any notifications and cant find any resource online confirming this
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Hi, a quick question. For a cancelled flight I can re-book online up to 355 days in advance. Is there any way to book further ahead? ie do I have to re-book before the original departure date or can I wait and book later?
I know I can cancel and obtain a FTV but a new booking would then be at prevailing fares and not the sale fare I previously purchased.
Essentially I am trying to re-book for the same/similar dates next year.

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Originally Posted by jameslon View Post
Hi, a quick question. For a cancelled flight I can re-book online up to 355 days in advance. Is there any way to book further ahead? ie do I have to re-book before the original departure date or can I wait and book later?
The main Rebook thread is probably the best help here, but there is a 1 year expiry date on ticket issue, so you can't easily rebook 1 year hence, unless you originally bought the ticket today. It's true that MMB has a 355 day limit on it, based on today's date, so unofficially that helps a bit, but BA is structured into a 355 date maxima for rebooking, there is no way around that. So that is going to constrain you, particularly if there is a return leg also involved. Hence FTV may well be the best bet.
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