VAT Refund (Gibraltar)?

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VAT Refund (Gibraltar)?

Does anyone know if GIB fights can claim back VAT (global blue?). Their website is shocking and it is hard to determine.

Phone was stolen yesterday, now thinking how much should I spend. If VAT refund is possible I'll go the pixel 5.

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Not sure if this is suited to the BA forum, a quick google chucked this up VAT Refunds Using AIRVAT
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Assuming this is claiming back VAT on a purchase in the UK (Gibraltar does not have VAT), your profile lists your country of residence as the UK, so you wouldn't be eligible to reclaim UK VAT.
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The answer to the question about GlobalBlue is yes (although the UK is talking about ending the retail export scheme at 31/12/2020 - that said should still be possible from other countries.

However, do note if UK customs are stamping the reclaims forms on departure from the UK they do ask you if you live in Gibraltar and sometimes ask if you have anything to prove that (for obvious reasons of combatting abuse). Since Gibraltar residents all have ID cards, and are used to travelling with their Gibraltar Health Authority EHIC card in their wallet all the time for crossing into spain, etc, this is usually a simple matter - and UK customs know what a Gibraltar ID card looks like...
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By the time you Get fees taken off you don’t get the full amount of VAT refunded and as others have said it’s only if you are exporting the item permanently.

Could get messy in 2021 as you’d potentially need a carnet to bring high value goods back to the uK or have a tariff to pay if permanently importing it.
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