VCE-LHR-MIA - mini report

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VCE-LHR-MIA - mini report

So Monday evening I flew VCE-LHR and then Tuesday LHR-MIA and thought I'd share some of the experiences:

VCE check-in was slow - long lines - not entirely sure why - my check-in felt normal, despite a flight to the US where I thought they would ask questions. Was able to check through. One is given an Italian Covid tracing form. I did not have a pen and when I asked the gate agent if I could borrow her pen, she said "no" but didn't collect the form from me. OK... Guess Italy. The flight was a little delayed and seemingly full. I was in 9F - CE was rows 1-10 - 9D and 10D remained open. I think there were two more seats open further in the front - at least I recall seeing 3 seats blocked (OW Emerald) on the seat map. It was a 321 neo and internet sort of worked most the times. Dinner was the cardboard box - which wasn't bad. Drink service felt "normal". Deplaning was largely by row number - with the usual couple of trouble makers that couldn't wait.

EGates for immigration worked with next to no lines - no verification that I had filled in the UK tracking form. No advice on having to quarantine or not. I was staying at one the airport hotels and seemingly the Hotel Hoppa bus now runs only once an hour... So that was a little boring, especially since I must have missed it by 3-4 minutes - which I had spent trying to find a working ATM recalling that you can only pay cash in the bus - and I never find that allegedly existing ticket kiosk where you can buy by credit card.
I was the only pax on the bus - and turns out one can pay by CC on the bus now.

Hotel was - boring and empty and I made my way to T5 fairly early. Getting through the 1st wing was easy - no line at security. The hosted verified passport and permanent resident card again - and asked me if I was happy with my seat or wanted to change. I said "as far as I know I am the only pax in F - I'll make it work"

Off I went to the Concord Terrace (it actually says so on the glass doors now) where I remained for a good 3 hours - most the time by myself. Food wasn't terrible, but less than what one would normally get in the F lounge. I did use the bathroom twice during my stay - and I believe it was the first day without a line (or wait) at the men's room. I always found that irritating.

The 787-9 to MIA was more or less empty. There was no priority boarding. There were 24 pax on the plane - 1 in F, I think 5 in J, 4 in PE and the rest in Y. I was thinking I would have been perfectly fine in Y but in the end enjoyed the big screen, being alone in a cabin with my own bathroom. The boxed food wasn't bad, the FA was nice, friendly and borderline flirtatious - but maybe I was just misinterpreting due to mask limited facial expressions. I miss the 747 and sitting in the 1A/K was always special - but the F Seat on that 787-9 - my first flight on a BA one - was quite nice. On an overnight flight on the 747 I would prefer some of the upper deck J seats over sleeping in F - that would not be the case with this seat.
The boxed lunch was not terrible, the chicken surprisingly spicy - why they can't do proper plates and silver ware is a little odd - but in the end I don't think it was a terrible use of points for F instead of J.
I recently flew LH F (ORD-FRA) - as one of 2 pax. The meal and service was lightyears better - and a true F lounge in frankfurt was available.

We got some US covid forms to fill in - which were not collected in MIA - global entry was open - and bags showed up fairly quickly - but took longer than expected (given the 24 pax)

On Saturday I am heading back on Virgin - So far I am the only Pax in J - that should be interesting as well if it stays that way.
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Sad that BA thinks it's acceptable to serve boxed meals in F whilst European competitors like LH continue to offer traditional F meals
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And here we go with yet another debate on the box meal. Rightly or wrongly, it IS what is on offer. If it's not something you value and the times/connections/price are right for you then fill your boots and enjoy the BA experience. If not and you want something more than what is offered then depending on route, plenty of other airlines are there and happy to take your money. No amount of comparison, discussion, protest or complaint (here or to BA) is going to change that in the short term.
I just can't believe that 4 months in to box catering that people are surprised by it and draw comparisons to other airlines. The only way it will change is if people stop booking BA and fly another airline.
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Originally Posted by flying_geek View Post
FA was nice, friendly and borderline flirtatious - but maybe I was just misinterpreting
Generally, any idea that a crew member is flirting is either misinterpretation or wishful thinking.
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Originally Posted by Misco60 View Post
Generally, any idea that a crew member is flirting is either misinterpretation or wishful thinking.
I had an AA flight attendant write me little notes on napkins with the drinks. And I would reply with answers on them - she would "refill" the drink every couple of minutes with new notes... definitely not a misinterpretation (granted - almost 20 years and 15 kg ago). Eventually we had a nice chat on the jump seats for a good 2-3 hours - after a napkin strongly suggesting that would be more efficient than just writing napkins. The first napkin read: "We hate 2A and C - thank you for smiling at us" - it became clearer with each napkin.

Maybe 10 years ago an OS flight attendant asked me if I was interested in "checking out" the crew rest upstairs on a 777 since she was going on a break now - I was too shy and declined - something I on occasion when thinking about it - regret.

An Aeroflot FA gave me note with her phone number before deplaning suggesting she'd be happy to show me the city - this one could have been more of a commercial offer I suppose.

Still, I had a couple of conversations where the FA asked where I was staying and adding where the crew was staying with offers to "let me into the crew lounge". While I am admittedly awful at that sort of thing and be the first to acknowledge that I might easily misinterpret things - the AA and the OS stories above were blatantly clear so that even I am sure I understood.
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