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Bad news - BA's NCL lounge reportedly to close permanently

Bad news - BA's NCL lounge reportedly to close permanently

Old Sep 8, 20, 2:39 pm
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Disappointing, but understandable. It’s quite a large space and could be put to better use in some ways. The fact it was dated doesn’t help. A sad scenario for the staff.
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Old Sep 8, 20, 3:13 pm
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Very sad news. Both for the staff who will be losing their jobs and for travelers.

I really do think that some of these decisions are very short-sighted by BA. Unless there are decent alternative arrangements made by BA, then I will probably be choosing car, train or some of the new routes from Eastern Airways (e.g. SOU-MME) ahead of BA.
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Old Sep 8, 20, 3:19 pm
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That's a great shame, and likely to go down like a lead ballon with NCL based regulars. It was a popular lounge and a fantastic location to see your bus come into to the gate and gauge the boarding progress. Not only that, and not least, the friendly staff and they offer a functionally useful service (especially when check-in staff is unable to) And always nice to see their smiles as I go off to a desert or jungle for months on end to look for things.

It was also very well received by many FTers at the NCL Do one windy December day in the distant past.
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Old Sep 8, 20, 3:25 pm
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sad news and suggests no imminent plan to increase frequencies
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Old Sep 8, 20, 3:47 pm
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Very sad news
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Old Sep 8, 20, 4:00 pm
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Originally Posted by scottishpoet View Post
sad news and suggests no imminent plan to increase frequencies
And yet on Oct 1 there are still 5 LHR-NCL flights on sale. Compared to none the day before.

I assume the October SH cull must be imminent ...
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Old Sep 8, 20, 4:40 pm
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First the 747 retirements, then losing BA1, now this... In the space of less than 6 months I've lost three of the things I perhaps enjoyed most about BA. For reasons that others have written before, this was one of my favorite lounges on the network. I've been using it since the days when the entrance was at the other end, and while NCL is not really "home" anymore, I will miss the lounge when I travel back to see family.
I am not sure how much it will impact my decision to fly BA out of NCL since I almost always connect long haul at LHR and my other options ex-NCL would be KLM or Air France (neither of which resonate). What it likely will impact will be my airport arrival time - I shall be making sure I cut it down to the bare minimum as the general terminal area at NCL is not great and I imagine the Aspire lounge will be very busy once flights start increasing toward normal levels...
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Old Sep 8, 20, 6:11 pm
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I did fear that when the BA lounge in Belfast was handed over to Aspire to become a third party lounge around six months ago, that it would not be the only domestic route to lose a dedicated BA lounge. It is very disappointing to hear that Newcastle is next. I do fear for the long term future of the remaining domestic lounges outside of London. Manchester in particular must be at risk,

I wonder if it is possible that it could be taken over by Aspire as in Belfast, and open to more than just BA passengers. It has been a while since I've been in Newcastle, so I may have remembered incorrectly, but from what I recall to get to the BA lounge you had to pass through door to go down a corridor, after which you couldn't return to the main terminal. If that is the case, it doesn't make it a great location for a third party lounge open to all.

The Aspire Lounge at Newcastle isn't that big from what I remember and has always been quite busy anytime I've been there, so I would imagine it would struggle with space if the BA passengers were accommodated there too. I haven't seen the Aspire Plus side of the lounge though, so maybe BA would do a deal to accommodate passengers there if the existing BA lounge space doesn't become a third party lounge.
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Old Sep 8, 20, 7:29 pm
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Nooooo, these are terrible news The NCL lounge is one of the best regional lounges, if not the best - all thanks to the wonderful staff. I feel truly sorry for them
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Old Sep 8, 20, 11:21 pm
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NCL is my ‘home’ lounge and what sad news, although BA,s cost cutting actions just don’t shock me anymore.

My sympathies go to the great staff there and they (and the lounge itself) really will be a miss. I have used the Aspire at NCL, but it certainly wasn’t a great experience. As I live local, I am fortunate enough to arrive at the airport late enough to avoid hanging around and if this sad news is correct, then that will be my tactic going forward.

Best wishes to the staff there and I hope they find alternative employment very soon.
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Old Sep 9, 20, 12:35 am
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Originally Posted by florens View Post
Given that BA is nearly halving flights to GVA from 79 weekly flights to just 45, I am also curious to know what will happen to the lounge proposition. Time will tell.
I think GVA and AMS are the only European outstation lounges with a chance of staying, although I would not say it is a particularly high chance. I'm fairly confident all the rest will go. So in Europe we will have BA lounges in LHR, GLA, EDI, GVA and AMS only.
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Old Sep 9, 20, 12:44 am
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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
I am probably the bearer of bad news.

I heard last week, and had a second confirmation today, that BA's wonderful lounge in NCL is to be closed permanently. I understand the staff employed there have been cosulted, as in consulted about being made redundant. I don't know if the intention is to use the lacklustre Aspire lounge next door instead, or for NCL simply to have no lounge facility at all. I guess the other option is a Toronto option, where Aspire takes over the BA space, but I very much doubt that is the intention. NCL was building a new lounge, owned by the airport itself, but that too has been shelved. So the future is uncertain, but it would be a future without a BA branded lounge in NCL from here on.

If this is confirmed, and I fear it will be, then it will be terrible for the wonderful staff at the lounge, who have made it a home from home for me and many others. In many ways it was the perfect lounge, in terms of location, space, staff service and the "welcome to BA" that starts when you enter the door.

I hope those based in the North East and other regular users send in complaints to BA about this. I appreciate that BA is losing millions of pounds every day, and things will perforce have to change, but if BA cuts off their own legs they are asking not to be able to walk again.

The small ray of good news is that EDI is aiming now to reopen in the next month or two. The other lounges (MAN, ABZ, LGW, GLA) are not under threat as such, but since they are unlikely to open until Q2 2021 there are likely to be redundancies in view of the long closure. BHD and JER are independently operated but I don't know about their plans.

Sad times, even though I never used it, it doesn't bode well for services across the business.

The Toronto model does work however, having used it in Jan. a small, modern section of an Aspire lounge run for BA, with BA policy on drinks etc is a good compromise.
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Old Sep 9, 20, 1:03 am
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Sad news indeed. Sadly, after the closure of the LBA route and this, I can imagine a few further pieces of domestic bad news to hit us in months to come.
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Old Sep 9, 20, 1:09 am
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I live very close so I don’t usually have long to wait. But that’s not the point. Aspire isn’t very nice, but EK do put their premium passengers in the aspire + part but it wouldn’t be big enough to take ba customers. What I’m more worried about is NCL losing all BA service, as at present we have gone from about 5 departures a day to not even daily flights. All very depressing
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Old Sep 9, 20, 1:22 am
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Originally Posted by chipster View Post
I live very close so I donít usually have long to wait. But thatís not the point. Aspire isnít very nice, but EK do put their premium passengers in the aspire + part but it wouldnít be big enough to take ba customers. What Iím more worried about is NCL losing all BA service, as at present we have gone from about 5 departures a day to not even daily flights. All very depressing
This is no doubt because there are very few long-haul flights to connect onto at the moment, most O&D traffic between the NE and London would take the train. When (if) long-haul services properly start again I'm pretty sure NCL will be back on multiple daily flights.
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