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Where were you on 25th August 2019 [BA’s 100th Anniversary] ??

Where were you on 25th August 2019 [BA’s 100th Anniversary] ??

Old Aug 25, 20, 4:10 am
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Where were you on 25th August 2019 [BA’s 100th Anniversary] ??

On 25th August one year ago I interrupted a long weekend in The Hague to do an AMS-LHR day trip in order to spend a few hours with some Flyertalk friends and acquaintances on BA’s 100th Anniversary. A number of FTers were already planning meet-ups ahead of taking one of the A350-1000 training flights to MAD on that same day.

I joined a few of them for coffee landside where it was hard to spot much evidence that BA was celebrating anything at all. Then we headed through the First Wing, grabbing some tiny boxed Victoria Sponge cakes that were being handed out on the concourse. I had offered to guest Flyertalk stranger into the Flounge and I was obviously so excited to share the First Wing experience that he waited until we were in the lounge to admit that he had only recently soft-landed to silver and it wasn’t his first time through!

One friend managed to secure us both an invite into the CCR. So after a quick inspection (and sniff) of the anniversary chocolate plane sculpture outside the lounges I was soon on the CCR terrace sipping LPGS and enjoying lunch with a group of around 10 FTers, some of whom I’d already met at the 2018 Summer Do. When the time came for most of the group to board the A350 to MAD I went with them to the gate to see them off. I so wished I’d been going along too!

A brisk walk back through the tunnels and I was back in the CCR in time for another glass of LPGS with the other day-tripper in the group (the one who had kindly guested me) before we each headed to our respective gates for our return flights.

Just a perfect day.
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Old Aug 25, 20, 4:14 am
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I had flown 24/08/2019 on my bargain exGVA to Tampa for a few days in Florida and then on to Vegas. The GVA back to back was running over three hours late - they chopped it, let us out T5 and we went straight to LGW which was nice! 25/08/2019 itself spent in and out the pool
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Old Aug 25, 20, 4:20 am
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I flew MAN-DUB on the once weekly service! A very good flight!
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Old Aug 25, 20, 4:25 am
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I was at home relaxing, having got back a couple of days from one trip and looking forward to a couple of weeks on the ground to remind the family I exist. And to recover after having a few since returning from a dry country

over 5 months since I was last on a plane or in an airport, which seems surreal after being off somewhere or other every 2-3 weeks for the last couple of years.
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Old Aug 25, 20, 4:40 am
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On 25 August 2019, I left Adels Grove just outside Lawn Hill Gorge, Boodjamulla National Park in the morning and drove to Gregory, QLD. Was then able to pump tyres up to a sensible PSI after finally getting back onto to bitumen after a week of not seeing any sealed roads and driving off road, then onto Burke & Wills Roadhouse before visiting Burke & Wills camp 119 just outside of Normanton.

I also should be in Etosha National Park today, but instead I’m completing company tax returns and double taxation applications from the confines of home. Such is life.
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Old Aug 25, 20, 4:49 am
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I travelled from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur, after a frustrating call to BA before heading to the airport trying to rearrange several flights for the following week that were cancelled due to the pilot strike.

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Old Aug 25, 20, 5:13 am
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Dear WickedStepMother

You assume, Sweet One, that I can remember where I was on 24th August 2020. Thankfully, my diary is quite clear on this matter. I was in a town called Campello having lunch on the Terrace of one of my favourite restaurants. I was actually eating with one who thinks that he is Prince Charming but who is destined to stay a toad frog for the rest of his life - and Lord know I've kissed him enough times. I did fly to Gatwick two days later to go to the dentist but you are date specific. Now I must go as I have dwarves to organise and beds to make.

Wasn't it wonderful back in those days when the only things masked in the house were the lights?

Thanks for the apple - I'll save it for HI's lunch

Snow White
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Old Aug 25, 20, 5:18 am
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I was in Ljubljana on August 25th 2019 with Stockholm and Manila to follow that week. Feels like a different world (well I suppose it was really)!
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Old Aug 25, 20, 5:41 am
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ha! i like this idea.

well looking at my calendar, i was originally supposed to be finishing a week in PVG, however i cancelled that trip and so was left with 60TP needed to retain my GGL before next month.

as such, it seems on 25 AUG 2019, i was returning DUB-LHR later in the evening after spending one night at the Westin Dublin and enjoying the glassware surrounding my white wine in CE to get those last 60TP for which i would retain GGL status which would ultimately NOT be extended to 2043 like some others on this forum.
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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:09 am
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I even wore red, white and blue in honour of BA’s special day. Thanks to good weather in both AMS and LHR was able to take ‘travelling light’ to a whole new level for me on that day trip, taking just a very small handbag and no coat.

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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:27 am
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Where were you on 25th August 2019?
Listening to the cricket. Where else would you be ?
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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:31 am
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I was on BA 208 Mid J 747 MIA-LHR and got a CW upgrade.
Appetizer served on that flight
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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:37 am
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Lovely idea for a thread!
We were wandering round a weirdly empty Paris, I think on Sun 25th we were having a nice day of drinking and eating along some of the places around the canals of the 10th/11th Arr.
We'd booked a long weekend away on the Eurostar and it coincided with the weekend after we completed on a flat in London, so we bought a couple of cases of a particularly nice drop of Crémant to bring back for the housewarming
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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:49 am
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A trip to Madrid on the A350. Great day out and nice way to celebrate BA100.
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Old Aug 25, 20, 6:52 am
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Not flying, but in a rainy Scotland viewing a house that has now become my forever home.
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