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FAQ : BAEC : status extensions & Tier Point (re)qualification thresholds reduced

FAQ : BAEC : status extensions & Tier Point (re)qualification thresholds reduced

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AS OF 11 July 2022:

  • Gold Guest List with renewal dates July-December 2022 will be extended for a further 12 months
  • Gold members with renewal dates July-September 2022 will be extended for a further 12 months
  • Silver and bronze do not get any further renewal
  • However, Silver members with renewal dates July-September 2022 will given a 50% reduction in the amount of tier points needed (From 600 to 300 TPs)
  • Everyone else still gets the 25% reduction in tier points until 31 December. This also applies if you want to qualify for a higher status level.

See post 796 for further details https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/32452931-post796.html


20 Sep 21 Update - see post #3594 onwards

21 Dec 21 Update - see post #3942 onwards

20 Apr 22 Update - see post #4483 onwards

The graph Illustrated below covers simple renewal milestones (collection year start/end dates) onto a blue bar (mid blue represents your current membership year; dark blue represents the extension periods). This does not touch the effect tier jumps have on the extension end dates. You can find confirmation of the extension being added to your BAEC account via "My Executive Club". This is signified by the "Card expiry date"

Updated 20 September 2021

Coronavirus: How the Executive Club is supporting you
Were adding 12 months extra onto your Executive Club membership so you have more time to enjoy your benefits, whenever youre ready to fly.

All members will benefit, starting with those who have a Tier Point collection end date of July 2020, through to June 2021.

Whats more, it will be even easier to retain your status next time youre up for renewal, as weve decreased the amount of Tier Points needed by 25%. This is the same for upgrades thresholds too, making that next Tier more achievable.

This results in lower Tier qualification thresholds, as shown below:

Bronze: 225 Tier Points, or 18 eligible flights
Silver: 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights
Gold: 1125 Tier Points
Gold Guest List: 3,750 Tier Points (to attain), 2,250 Tier Points (to retain) [not in the original email but understood to be true]

You'll still need a minimum of 2 eligible flights for Bronze and 4 for Silver.

NB: These reduced qualification/requalification thresholds apply until 31 December 2022, regardless of when your membership year ends. They won't show on the BA app or website these will still say you need 300/600/1500 tier points but should you pass the reduced threshold for a higher tier, your level will increase as normal. If you requalify on an existing tier, your status will be extended by the end of January 2023.

To ensure our Members still have the opportunity to use their Gold Upgrade Vouchers, Companion Vouchers and Travel Together Tickets earned via a British Airways credit card, weve applied 6-month expiration extension to any current vouchers.

See link to BA site for further FAQs.

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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:13 am
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Originally Posted by Misco60 View Post
It seems to me that BA did what was necessary as soon as it became clear that the restrictions on flying and the limited opportunity to attain and make use of status were going to be with us for a significant time to come.
Indeed, it seems clear now that BA were waiting until they had a better idea of when return to service will start and only then applying changes to the overall scheme. Hopefully the vast majority of people are now happy. BA have been very fair IMHO, enabling those who wern't quite there the opportunity to requalify or advance tier before applying a status extension for everyone. Best of both worlds!

I do find this conspiracy theory from GSTP quite amusing now though, awful timing! https://www.godsavethepoints.com/con...us-extensions/
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:13 am
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Thumbs up

Also just had the email. The OH and I are grateful, but a bit saddened that it has taken BAEC so long to implement this.

Anyway, "Thank You", BAEC.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:13 am
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Great news, am very pleased weve had something substantial and worthwhile after being kept waiting. Oooh, arent BA such a tease?!! 😉

Im silver and will definitely be targeting Gold in the following year with the reduced TP requirement.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:13 am
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Yep, just got the email. Silver to Nov 2022. Thanks BA.
(not reflected on my account yet, but i'll give them a chance..!)
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:15 am
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Just got the email, you beat me to it

Really good news, looking forward to travel in 2021.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:16 am
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Well it did make me smile.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:17 am
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I thought this was inevitable. Just like the booze coming back for the onboard service.

It be the lounges next, albeit limited, I think in July.

Competition, no choice.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:17 am
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This is good news.

I have a question which doesn't seem to be clearly answer on BA's website. My renewal date is December 2020 and I have flights booked from this date until early April worth about 1,350 tier points. Will this get me gold based on the lower thresholds or is it only a valid offer in your current collection year?
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:19 am
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Excellent news, well done BAEC (finally!). I was confident that they would have to do this eventually and like you had spent no time whatsoever doing any maths. I am finding that as this goes on I am missing travel less and less.

T&Cs make no mention however of 2250TP for GGL renewal (or indeed 3750 for first time), nor whether the 12mo extension also applies to CCR cards. My working assumption is that this is blanket everything unless anyone knows any different. I note however that GUF earning levels are not reduced by 25%.

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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:19 am
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Am I right in thinking that as I renewed Gold in April this doesn't apply to me and that will run out in April 2021 and the only thing I benefit from is the 25% reduction?
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:20 am
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How ill this effect entitlement to the CCR card? I renew in Sept and have 3700 TPs, so I have already kept my GGL for next year. Will they extend my CCR room card too?
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:20 am
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As a "May" member, I note this from the FAQ on ba.com ...
*Members whose Tier Point collection end date was in May or June 2020, who did not meet the reduced qualification requirement for their Tier will have the 12-month extension applied to their new Tier once their current card expiry date has passed.
I hope they don't forget!

I'm still a bit unsure how it will work, as we had renewed Gold by 8 May. Don't tell me they'll say "Sorry, you had renewed. Tough luck!" We shall see: I suspect/hope it's just poor expression on BA's part.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:21 am
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My OH dropped to Bronze at the start of this month (8th April renewal) and has now been extended in Bronze after being gold/silver for 10 years and had enough trips cancelled in March/April/May to requalify... not too happy this morning!
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:21 am
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Perhaps this could have been confirmed just a bit quicker, but nonetheless, I have to say this guarantees my loyalty to BA and I'm very pleased at their decision.
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Old Jun 11, 20, 5:21 am
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I am not surprised by this action and was quietly confident that it would happen. After all, BA did the same thing in 2010 when Eyjafjallajkull erupted and that disruption only lasted a couple of weeks whereas the present situation is a couple of months (if not more).

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