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BA to cut up to 12,000 jobs in "restructuring and redundancy programme"

BA to cut up to 12,000 jobs in "restructuring and redundancy programme"

Old Jun 10, 2020, 8:53 am
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Originally Posted by richardwft
I keep away from those people and the media, there’s no need to bring denigrating 3 letter words here.
That is your right to but no need to denigrate those who are in touch and know that is what he is colloquially called and the very valid reasons behind it?
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 8:55 am
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Originally Posted by OhLordy
I ask again...why are you focussing on Unite? You fail to mention BALPA’s recent strikes at BA which were called over holiday periods and caused massive inconvenience to the travelling public.
Please be fair in your posts and give a balanced view or CC could be forgiven to believe that you are biased.

I have no allegiance to any of these Unions but do believe the time is now here for talks to begin IF the talk of VR and buy down is genuine..
I didn't leave the pilots out of my previous reply on purpose, I would be equally critical of them for striking during holiday periods. However, whether Ł150k is a reasonable salary for a pilot is difficult to form an opinion on because it sounds a lot of money, but it is a very specialised, highly skilled job (and if you ever watch the air crash investigations series on Sky you will understand that if the sticky brown stuff hits the fan there is no substitute for having the right person sat at the very front).

The situation regarding CC is easier to take a view on because there is more information available, and the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the remuneration package for the legacy people. Lots of people complain about what BA propose, but nobody appears able suggest a meaningful alternative. It is clearly a bit of a conundrum, with LC effectively being offered Hobson's choice. Despite my previous posts I am not entirely comfortable with this, but resolving it is way above my pay grade.
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:03 am
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Originally Posted by BOH
Then WW is going to have some massive egg on his face and a huge loss of integrity and credibility as in a radio interview only 2 days ago he categorically denied that AC had received either a pay rise or a bonus in 2019. Unless I didn't hear that correctly but I recall he was pressed on this a couple of times and he really denied it both times.

It will surely be in the BA Accounts in the future so he would have a lot to lose if this pay rise claim was subsequently found to be true.
Probably 18/19 bonus paid some months later. I agree, Willie was pretty clear on that point and it’s not exactly open to interpretation.
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:13 am
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I have worked with a few large corporates who have a very good culture. It’s not true to say all large businesses behave this way, it’s a choice.
WW is the board’s choice and he has delivered well on profits, but at the cost of the brand. It’s actually possible to have a strong brand, decent profits and not be a complete monster to your staff. Willie falls down on the last one, he’s a bit of a machine. He’s pushed and pushed and pushed and he has no concept of too far. IAG already smashed ts&cs at Iberia, that’a why they’re not doing it again. He will smash yours ts &cs and win, and the next guy will repair the brand and reap the benefit. That’s EXACTLY why the board have confidence IMHO.

Legacy cabin crew remember the “old world”, from his persepctive that memory needs to be removed and so do they, replaced with more naive and sexier kids to work then burn out and be replaced again. And no one will care in six months time just like Iberia was “rescued” by staff taking the brunt of the pain. Many CEOs and top level management are borderline well, you know. I’ve worked with too many to doubt that anymore. Good luck all.
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:16 am
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Originally Posted by skipness1E
Many CEOs and top level management are borderline well, you know. I’ve worked with too many to doubt that anymore. Good luck all.
I know exactly the phrase(s) you mean. Very similar to certain current leader in the world and agree, working for them is highly challenging.
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:17 am
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Originally Posted by KARFA
have a read of the thread. Unite are refusing to talk until BA stop the clock on the s188 period. Unite have also raised a legal challenge.


I thought the legal process was that the notice was served, the clock starts ticking and the parties start talking (ideally reaching common ground before the clock stops ticking). Do you know if Len McClusky is attempting to move the goal posts or is he entitled to set preconditions before talking commences?
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:19 am
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Originally Posted by skipness1E
...Many CEOs and top level management are borderline well, you know. I’ve worked with too many to doubt that anymore...
I hope you’ve got enough material for a book.
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Old Jun 10, 2020, 9:31 am
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Please allow us to take you back to the very first Mod note in this thread, back on 28th April

Originally Posted by NWIFlyer
Folks, whilst this is important news, when posting please bear in mind:

- any commentary on entry requirements for other countries as a result of COVID-19 should only relate to the direct effect on BA and implications for how that might affect the number of redundancies. Opinions about the government’s handling of the pandemic are off-topic for this forum and will be subject to deletion.

- we benefit greatly from the wisdom and experience of a great number of both former and, particularly in this situation, current BA employees. They will be facing a difficult and uncertain period until things become clearer. Please consider their sensitivities when posting and try to avoid over-speculating on areas which may or may not be affected.

Thank you for your assistance.

Since then we have had at least another two mod notes which attempted to bring the thread back to a degree of civility. Sadly there are too many people who are over-engaging, too many people who are far too provocative, too many people who are downright rude.

None of this casts FT, and this forum, in anything like the right light. At a time when people we have travelled with, people who have contributed richly and helpfully to the community here, people who above all are human beings with human feelings, are facing some very difficult decisions this is incredibly sad and disappointing. In fact, as a mod team, much of it leaves us absolutely despairing.

As my colleague Oxon Flyer said, given the importance of the process to all of us - passengers and BA employees/relatives of employees alike - we had hoped to keep the thread open with a belief that the community was sensible enough to self-regulate. We see with our own eyes, and from the considerable number of bad post reports, that clearly that has not happened and is not likely to happen.

So, given there is unlikely to be much more fresh news emerging imminently, we are going to close the thread to allow you all to consider whether your individual contributions are appropriate. We now need to look at the thread for rule breaches and do some pruning and more. We will only re-open the thread when we consider it prudent, potentially with a lot of posts removed.

for the Mod team

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