How many here are still flying regularly?

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How many here are still flying regularly?

Despite the restrictions I am sure that some here have a need to keep flying.
Are any of you in this situation?
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Originally Posted by Stormbel View Post
Despite the restrictions I am sure that some here have a need to keep flying.
Are any of you in this situation?
The fact that just over an hour after you posted this there has been no positive response tells the story on what is normally a very busy forum and where people would be piling in to tell you of their plans.

Personally I would love to go flying (for leisure, donít really do business travel anymore) but sadly I cannot. Just hope that BA survives all of this and my not insignificant stash of Avios will still be useable!
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I'm leaving cancelling flights until the last minute - one tomorrow just about to be cancelled.

Total so far cancelled and expected to be cancelled before end of June now standing at 24...
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Nothing at all here, grounded by work and no desire to do any personal travel. I should have been in Catania this weekend, I hope to be able to go later in the year but I'm not taking any chances booking anything at this moment in time.
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I'm currently not travelling due to a "lockdown" but I have just booked some travel.

I'm currently resident in Vietnam (formerly resident in the UK) , but a South African national, and I had previously booked travel to the UK to comply with my VN visa in June, which was my return flight. However I do not need or want to be in the UK in June, but I do wish to be there in July.

I do need to return to South Africa for some personal matters that simply cannot be resolved by any other way. Other than my physical presence in SA. So I have booked flights back to SA, to return to the UK when I wish to be there in July.

I have also had to book flights back to Vietnam for July. So I've made a bit of a leap of faith with these 2 reservations.

Personally, if my flights do have to be rearranged due to travel restrictions in this instance, I will probably be quite glad that the airline has my money!
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Not flown since 1st January. Not missing it
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Was due to fly to Switzerland for easter but that obviously hasn't happened.

Am due to be moving away from the UK (first to Switzerland, then Canada in August) at the end of May but will have to see what the situation is by then and whether there will be any flights left before deciding what the best option is.
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I've spent lockdown staying with family in the UK but as a dual British/Swedish national I am planning to repatriate myself to Sweden (where there isn't really a lockdown) in around four or five weeks from now. There is still one flight per day from LHR > ARN and always the risk of cancellations, hopefully less so towards the end of May.
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Not missing flying at all.
currently catching up with dealing with the paddock as it was overgrown.
There is no place like home!

Looking back towards my house from paddock

Back lawn

Old aerial photo of the house
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There's just no time at present with all of these lawns to mow. But at least those pesky planes have stopped. Sorry Qatar but someone had to do it
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Trips missed/ will be cancelled:
Marseille three weeks back
New York this long weekend
Glasgow DO
Lisbon Early May bank holiday

It is frustrating because I still haven't flown a revenue ticket this year and I am moving to the US in a few months.
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That looks nothing like the Qatar I lived and worked in for a few years

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My main reason for travel is on the LHR/JFK route, because I live here and my wife lives there. I was there (JFK hinterland) March 14 to 21 (returning early, probably a good move, arriving back just as the lock-in took hold), and while I was there booked Nov. and Dec. travel taking advantage of the £1195 J return sale fare. So I don't feel bad about taking a full refund for my May travel, and won't when it comes to cancelling June, as I'm sure will be necessary. I know it will be easier to book future travel with cash than with vouchers. But book it I will, just as soon as it becomes clear that I can.
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Returned from Karachi just before lockdown, personal trip to Hanoi cancelled (as was the F1 race) 2 business trips cancelled, none being booked, I'd be surprised if personal trip to MIA in June happens (shame, was to be SWMBO's first trip in First) and Lusaka in Sept can't be more than 50-50.

Mentally I have written the year off travel-wise. I can't see how we'll come out of lockdown but I'm pretty sure international travel will be one of the last things to return to normal.
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In retrospect do you agree now we all stopped flying too late.

Along with a lot of UK wrong decisions about handling this pandemic few still won’t admit that stopping flying was a beneficial addition; it was forced on us in the end

The spread from Italy was simply crazy !
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