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Reds2011 Jan 25, 20 6:20 am

Originally Posted by Dave Noble (Post 31987197)
I can't think of many better airports for connecting at than Doha. (the only one that I prefer is Muscat). Singapore is decent, but not as good as Doha imo

I'm the complete opposite - I dislike Doha intensely for connecting and much prefer Singapore. Only been through Muscat once since the new terminal opened, and it was decent enough. Doha is a very poorly signed airport in my (and others I have spoken with) opinion although I have not transited there for ~4 years now. It may have improved.

Depending on the time, the transit security check area is a disorganised sh*t show of the highest order. Probably a lot better with reduced traffic since the disagreement with the other GCC nations.

ukgooner Jan 25, 20 6:45 am

I doubt either airline is worrying too much about a constituency largely based on flying Qatar on ultra cheap ex-Helsinki deals to harvest TPs.

Qatar might look cheap through our eyes, but in each local market it is often one of a number. SQ is currently the cheapest J class offer to Aus from most Scandi gateways right now, and they are hardly perceived as a 'Base Airline'. The fact is it is a very competitive market, and BA does very well in it despite some of the perceptions here about the offer.

This is about leveraging each airline's strengths to provide greater awareness of the choices available to each other's customer base. From BA's perspective it would be quite an investment to restart Melbourne, despite its SYD success and improving viability of new AUS routes with an A350. I image this new arrangement should kill off speculation for a while (Which is probably helpful for Qatar).

Talking of cheapness - one of the issues if you want to fly on BA codes to AUS is the availability of I class, particularly on QF, on the codeshares from SE Asia, so if this improves things we should all be grateful (Particularly with the Avios uplift you get from flying on a BA code)

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