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BA lost baggage - good service, but why is information so poor?

BA lost baggage - good service, but why is information so poor?

Old Jan 3, 20, 5:46 pm
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BA lost baggage - good service, but why is information so poor?

Despite CWS having told me several times that it's best not to check luggage, we did. Liquid-based Christmas presents plus warm clothes meant HBO wasn't an option. As is the risk, the bag didn't turn up....

Flying LHR to Chicago ORD, the bag didn't appear on the belt. No notification / announcements / etc of the problem, and ORD doesn't show "all bags on belt", so had to stand around a long time before deciding it wasn't coming out.

Reporting the bag lost was actually fairly quick, I'd say half the time compared to when I lost a bag arriving at LHR. World Tracer reference issued and letter with basic info, but no information on purchasing essentials or allowed limits until we explicitly asked. No suggestions on where to go at ORD to buy some clothes, luckily the AA staff printing our next boarding pass knew somewhere!

Next day - BA missing bag site showed missing

Day 3 - Missing bag site showed "Found - getting ready for delivery. Your bag is being processed for delivery to you." Timestamp showed it'd been updated overnight. However, no information on what side of the Atlantic it had been found on, nor when we might expect it... Took advantage of a family member going shopping to buy some more clothes (no car and nothing within walking distance, American suburbia is such fun!)

Day 4 - Missing bag site still showed "Found - getting ready for delivery". Open front door mid-morning, find suitcase outside! Apparently Fedex employ ninjas who can't use a doorbell...

Day 5 - Missing bag site still showed "Found - getting ready for delivery". Look up GBP amounts on credit card statements, submit claim

Day 6 - Missing bag site still showed "Found - getting ready for delivery". Email from BA, claim paid! Email goes on to say how luggage gets lost at Heathrow when changing planes, despite us checking bag at LHR

Day 10 - Missing bag site still showed "Found - getting ready for delivery".....

So, speed of getting the lost bag back to us over Christmas, great! Speed and non-quibbling over cost of several days essential clothes, great! Family members putting up with wait to get their presents, not bad

However, overall provision + timeliness + accuracy of information - poor.

Anyone know how/why BA managed to be so good at finding+delivering the bag, but so bad at all things information around it?
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Old Jan 4, 20, 1:58 am
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Because the information from all the airport's forward messages (basically they're Type B messages saying "Hey, this is XYZ airport, here's this bag, it's going on this flight at so and so hours") either don't filter yet through a single central repository (though that is happening), or that information has not been made available on BA.com yet.
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Old Jan 4, 20, 2:43 am
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Originally Posted by Gagravarr View Post

Day 10 - Missing bag site still showed "Found - getting ready for delivery".....
At some point it will become tempting to claim that the bag was never delivered and to claim some kind of compensation.

I agree that better information would be better for all. I just had a missing bag delivered to my hotel - different airline, airport etc. - but it turns out my bag had been at the airport for nearly 24 hours with no communication. With even the slightest amount of reliable information, I would have just sat down in the corner with a book and waited for the next flight to arrive (with my bag on it)...
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Old Jan 4, 20, 3:30 am
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I had similar situation a couple of days ago. We were rerouted due to cancellation after we’d checked in, so getting bags to follow us was always going to be a challenge. When we arrived at ABZ no bags.
We reported missing bags at desk and they said the system showed bags at ORD and then blamed AA for not rerouting them.
Overnight the World tracer system updated to show that bags were actually on the way and had indeed followed us and had never been to ORD. They were delivered later that day, which being New Year’s Day here in Scotland was exceptional service. ��
During all this time the BA tracker page showed still searching for your bags. Clearly there is more than one system in play here and there are issues with communications between them.
I guess the crucial issue here is to reunite pax and bags ASAP, which in our case they did very well!
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Old Jan 4, 20, 4:05 am
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In my experience the version of World Tracer that handling agents use does not update any airlines' mishandled baggage section of their website properly.

When I handled baggage for a number of airlines several airlines wanted to provide me with their own PCs linked to their systems due to this.

But this would have meant I would have to find suffient office space for all these extra PCs which wasn't available, would still need to pay for my handler version of World Tracer as some of my smaller airline clients would not offer their systems or their own PCs, and it would involve additional training for my staff as they would have to learn each airlines' systems in addition to the handler World Tracer.

So I refused the kind offer.

But World Tracer does not work seamlessly with any airlines website in my experience.
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Old Jan 4, 20, 4:10 am
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My bags got delayed twice. Each time, I got my claim for essentials immediately paid (once, it included a full business attire with suits, shoes, etc..). Bags delivered at my home more or less promptly.
Once the bags are found, BA takes charge and I find them very good as opposed to some other airlines (e.g. AF). But the information you get on the World Tracer system remains stale.
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