How many miles have you flown in 2019?

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Actually quite surprised to discover I reached ~59,000 miles this year. 100% leisure, I haven't flown for work since 2011. Flights ranged in length from LHR-NCL up to to SYD-DOH. furthest west I went was SNN 27 sectors across 6 airlines (BA, PR, QR, EI, QF, MH). 2020 is already shaping up well with ~31,000 miles booked so far.
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76,391 miles this year on 57 sectors, that's enough for me.
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I have just done my last flight of the year earlier today so my figures have been finalised now!

209,262 miles (8.4 times around the world)
212 flights (23.8 days on planes)

Most flown types:
89 x Airbus 319
54 x Airbus 320
12 x Airbus 321
11 x Airbus 380
10 x Boeing 737

Most flown planes: G-EUPC & G-EUPM both 8 times each
Most flown airlines: BA 165x, QR 14x, MH 5x
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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
@ C-W-S ... come on, we’re waiting for your 2019 stats. Or have you burned out a calculator trying to generate the answer?
Too painful to work out, but it's probably higher than the numbers above. I know that My Flightpath unfortunately can no longer work for me because I've been to too many places.
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An unbelievable 75,470 on 74 flights. All leisure.
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Record mileage for me this year at 141,247 and also my first ever year with no Y segments.

First 2 (both op-ups on BA)
Business 44
Premium economy 3

Personal 13
Business 36

Top airlines:
QR 13
BA 9
MH 8
SQ 7
AY 4
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92,738 miles on 24 flights, all leisure. Only new airport this year Philadelphia. First 2 flights in 2020 will take me to lifetime gold.
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I am a relative lightweight at this:16 flights totalling 22,086 miles this year all in business class and all for leisure (mileage calculated using Great Circle Mapper).

I have 6 flights totalling 10,028 miles booked so far for 2020 with my first flights in First booked on a 2-4-1 BA Amex redemption, again all for leisure. I don't do any flying for work.
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A typical 45158 miles on 34 flights for me this year. Mostly paid for with Avios, so soft landing in April.

20 on BA, 9 on AA, 2 on AC and 2 on 9M.
12 in J, 1 in F and the rest in Y

New airports DFW, FCO, HAM, LCY, MCO, MIA, RAK, SEA, YBL, YVR, YYC and ZAG.
High points were 1st time in the CCR and 1st (and 2nd) times on the upper deck of a 747. Low point was mis-connecting to (just) miss BA1 - will have to try again in the future.

33929 miles and a 1st look at Qsuites booked for 2020.
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A smaller year for me this year with 35,734 miles across 45 flights. It still retained Gold for me with 1800TP.

23 domestics to 22 international this year, so much more flying close to home.
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64 sectors and 124421 miles

one new British overseas territory this year, but no new countries.

expecting/hoping for a quieter year next year
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88,919 miles flown over 34 sectors

New carriers - JAL and Delta

New airports - ACE, AUS, DTW, FLR and HND

Mix of business and leisure.

Most ridiculous journey - LHR-DOH-SIN-KUL-NRT in one hit for the Rugby World Cup Final. HND-PEK-SIN back the next morning for work

Longest flight - LHR-SIN @ 6759 miles

Shortest flight - SIN-KUL @ 189 miles
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Hi guys - what apps or websites are you using to track your travel? Some of the screenshots sent look quite comprehensive. Many thanks!
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No idea how many miles in the year, but I did take my 145th flight of the year today comfortably beating my previous best of 102 flights.
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