How many miles have you flown in 2019?

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A very tame 35600 miles. Not helped by not being able to fly between August - November this year due to neck issue.

Already have some 68000 miles booked in for coming 7 months.
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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
Interesting App. I might start using that (in addition to ba97 and FR24). Output map is a bit messy, a consequence of using FR24 tracks, but Iíll give it a go. I donít have too many PNRs to input!
It's the actual flight track, not the great circle map. It also allows you to use great circle, if you prefer clean & inaccurate.
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Low compared with most on here at 23,538.

Airports used: LHR, LGW, STN, AMS, DUB, ALC, VIE, BTS, CFU, DOH & BKK.

Airlines used: BA, QR, FR & TUI.
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102,000 miles this year.

Airlines. BA/AA/TCX

Looking forward to 2020 and year of vastly reduced travel, and no longer chasing status
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  • 118 sectors (inc 57x BA, 37x KL, 8x AY, 4x SK)
  • 3 trips each on G-EUPX and G-EUYW (and 4 on PH-EXO)
  • 61,289 miles
  • 31 airports (including first visits to AAR, ABZ, BRU, EBJ, KRK, TLL, WRO & ZRH)
  • BA8292 BMA-AAR was the most interesting, Sun-Air's flight ended up being operated by Blue Air who used a 19 seat Fairchild Metroliner...
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63,500 miles across 51 sectors. 44% F, 30% J, 26% Y. This is all leisure travel, teachers donít tend to need to fly much. A mix of bike racing (short haul Y) and holidays (long haul F/J). Flew on BA mostly, with a bit of AY, AA and VN. Will likely be about half the number of sectors next year with no more racing abroad; overall distance might be similar though.
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I'm done for the year now after 216,357 miles in the air across 98 flights. 10% in F, 60% in J, 3% in W and the rest in Y.

More premium travel than usual this year, all thanks to the wonderful and much appreciated guidance of FT members on here and the QR board. About 75% of my flights were work related.

2020 is looking a little quieter, which I will be thankful for.
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67,089 miles flown in total on a total of 47 flights.


By distance, 42.4% J, 19.9% W & 37.6% Y

By far the biggest year of travel for me (of my whole life) and my flights on 1st and 2nd Jan will secure BAEC Gold for me for the first time.

As a postgraduate student without any funding other than my PhD stipend, I am very lucky to have been able to do all of this and to spend so much time with my wife’s family in Singapore and Malaysia, this is all thanks to the tips and tricks as well as the incredible knowledge and kindness of those here on FlyerTalk.

Thank you to everybody who has either directly or indirectly helped me to be able to do this. I love to travel and without everybody here on FlyerTalk I would never have been able to travel anywhere as much as I have done or in as much comfort as I have been able to.
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Record year for me, probably the first and the last with this amount of flying (all leisure)...

Miles flown: 146519
Sectors flown: 85 (2.4% F; 61.2% J; 1.2% WT+; 35,3% Y)

...and already 70k miles booked for 2020

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57000 miles, 46 sectors

Airlines : Air Astana, BA, Qatar, KLM, Qazaq, Prime Aviation

Airports : LHR, LGW, AMS, Frankfurt, Doha Lisbon, Boston, Seychelles, Atyrau, Aktau, Uralsk, Astana, Almaty, Tengiz
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My (non-work-related) travels have been growing steadily for the past few years but 2020 will be quieter. 2019 took me pretty much all over the place with 176k miles.

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I've no idea about the distance flown but 47 BA sectors, followed by 42 SQ, and miscellaneous others, to the total of 138 sectors (including one still to be taken). (I only have an Excel file that I put my flights in, having forgotten to book or double-booked in the past, so I only did "Countif" to count the flights... )

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21 flights this year. Iíve intentionally cut down on my travel due to a new job. I also want a better work life balance and to be more environmentally friendly.

19 x short haul (15 Y, 4 J)
1 x mid haul (J)
1 x long haul (J)

This compares to 47 flights last year and 72 in 2017.
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Originally Posted by LCY8737 View Post
19,362 of which on G-CIVB - I hope itíll retire soon!
She has spent Christmas (since 23 December) in sunny Cardiff, where she is being refurbished, the last of the mid-hauls to be refurbished. We don't know the extent of that refurbishment, for example whether the Panasonic IFE is going in. She has a little way to go before retirement, however.
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@ C-W-S ... come on, we’re waiting for your 2019 stats. Or have you burned out a calculator trying to generate the answer?
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