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CkCrunch Nov 8, 19 1:41 pm

A380 CW Lap Baby Seat advice

Can I help you Nov 8, 19 1:54 pm

I’m shocked to hear that you would let your baby sleep on the floor, this is strictly prohibited and you should be looking at ways to keep your baby safe.

JAXBA Nov 8, 19 2:20 pm

Sleeping on the cabin floor at any age, is prohibited as the emergency oxygen masks won't reach there should they be required, nor is the passenger secured in case of sudden turbulence.

With that in mind, what would be your seating preferences now?

(It's also uncomfortable! I remember my parents trying to get me to go to sleep on the floor of a 747 Classic in the 80s. Nuh uh!)

Can I help you Nov 8, 19 2:28 pm

I would choose the E seat on the upper deck which should allow a little more space for the baby to sleep beside you.

psychoandy Nov 8, 19 2:32 pm

You forgot the best option: get your child a seat in club, bring a cheap lightweight car seat (in the US we have cosco scenera, they're like 3.5kg), then 14 E/F will be all yours.

I would not pick the middle E/F if traveling alone (granted I have not been unlucky enough to do so). I would pick a back bulkhead seat like 15A or K or 59 A/E/K to trap your son in. Whichever seat has the most storage obvi given the need for nappies, wipes, toys, books, etc. You know your kid better than I do but you cannot rely on IFE alone to keep them entertained.

In terms of sleep, given HKG-LHR, I hope you have a very good sleeper (or he sleeps in bassinet) because sleeping with a lap toddler, short of the most extravagant SQ/EK/EY F setups, is still difficult in J. The best position that I have found is the seat in Z position with toddler lying on you. A baby carrier like an ergo or stokke would work best, but is technically not allowed during takeoff/landing on many airlines. Second best is lay the seat flat and sidesleep next to them, if you are thin enough - I can barely do this.

Furthermore, as I just flew with my little one - when the seats had to go up for landing, our son woke up and terrorized the entire J (and probably F) pax and cabin crew for the last 15 minutes of the flight due to being woken up. Well worth having a car seat where baby stays sleeping and you can literally just carry him in the car seat out of the plane.

PGFlyer85 Nov 8, 19 2:55 pm

+1 on buying a seat. We stopped traveling with our son at 11mo as a lap child (at which point we always did 64AB unless we were in F). But since then, we’ve always booked him a seat and taken the DFG configuration downstairs in J (you can’t book a bassinet position even for a ticketed one year old) though we have never had someone assigned to E. In one case we moved to EFG and someone moved into D. But we monitor it to make sure some single parent with a baby who wants the bassinet doesn’t book it.

flygirl68 Nov 8, 19 3:51 pm

Originally Posted by CkCrunch (Post 31716490)
  • 15A / 15K - I took a look on a recent flight and there might be enough space for the baby to sleep on the floor if he wants to. If he doesn't want to I can probably hang out on the stool while he sleeps on the main chair.
Any thoughts? The seatmap is thankfully still quite empty and all of the above is still available, but it will probably fill up soon.

Just FYI it’s a footstool, not a stool so sit on.

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