Club World to Abu Dhabi with a toddler

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Originally Posted by hb133 View Post
Definitely let us know how it goes - we're taking our currently 15 month old, but by then 17 month old to Australia via a weekend in Tokyo. 241 redemption in First to Tokyo then economy cash down to Australia (works out cheaper than cash LON-AUS) and back again. Any tips appreciated...
Will definitely let you know. Actually really looking forward to the trip. Ours is a 241 redemption, hoping to squeeze in one more before he turns 2 in April.

Originally Posted by Bohinjska Bistrica View Post
Exactly how we plan on keeping our daughter (who will be nearly 2) occupied to Miami next year. Hopefully being a small child she won't be bothered that she's already seen most episodes 20+ times by then.

I, on the other hand, groan at watching the Cheese Badge yet again.
Yes they seem oblivious to the number of times each episode is played! I quite enjoy Duggee, along with Thomas and Postman Pat- Bing really annoys me!!

Having never had the need to know, I will be interested to see the choice for kids of that age on the IfE
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Originally Posted by ScotInAfrica View Post
That has made me even more worried! My wife is adamant that if this trip goes smoothly we will book Australia next!

Very keen to take him to South Africa but think that will be easier due to it being overnight
Even if it doesn't go great, just remind yourself that it's not that long of a flight. It's nice to get in these trips whilst taking them as a lap infant, but everything gets so much easier once they have their own seat. The overnight flights are particularly good, as it's natural sleep time for the little ones. BA CW has what we find to be a great arrangement for travelling with little kids in their own seat as with the divider down you are essentially sitting right beside them in their times of need. The first time we travelled with our daughter in a reverse herringbone arrangement (age 26 months) she was a bit anxious that she couldn't see one of us from her normal sitting position.

Here's a toy that was indispensable on trips for a few years:
Amazon Amazon

Originally Posted by hb133 View Post
Definitely let us know how it goes - we're taking our currently 15 month old, but by then 17 month old to Australia via a weekend in Tokyo. 241 redemption in First to Tokyo then economy cash down to Australia (works out cheaper than cash LON-AUS) and back again. Any tips appreciated...
If not possible to go to a far flung destination via a non-stop flight, breaking it up by an overnight or weekend halfway is a great way to do it. You'll really appreciate adjusting to the time change on the way there, as well as getting some much needed rest for the next leg of your journey. We have done it a few times in the early years and it was a real relief just to do one flight rather than dreading the next one.

What we brought for entertainment in those days on long haul flights was just stuffed animals and toys that didn't make much noise, some books to read over and over again, and little snacks. Cartoons were of limited use as her attention span wasn't long enough, and the toddler headphones wouldn't stay on her head yet. It definitely wasn't easy. Fear not though, since that time (3 years ago now) we can laugh about those trips, and she's been on multiple 12-14 hr itineraries, plus a couple 24-36 hour itineraries - with one more coming up in the near future.

Travelling with your little kids all over the world is very rewarding!

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Originally Posted by bisonrav View Post
Every iPad should be loaded with Hey Duggee.
Originally Posted by ScotInAfrica View Post
Absolutely- along with every phone!
A woof

I've got my GGL Badge

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We did it last year for Christmas/New Year with our boy just below 2y on the outbound and a few days above on the inbound (BA was the only airline offering free tickets both ways while most requested to buy him one both ways).
So no food and running all around on one flight, luckily sleeping on his own bed (felt almost unsafe to have to leave him on his own during take off, landing and turbulences while the seat belt is definitely not appropriate for his age/size?).
We will do it again this year with the addition of his little 6m brothers...sorry in advance for our fellow passengers we try our best and they most generally behave but you never know...
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Originally Posted by ScotInAfrica View Post

We are flying to Abu Dhabi next week with our toddler in Club World- his first long(ish) haul.

Has anyone done this route with a young one before?

BA tell me that an infant meal is provided without having to pre-order. Does anyone have any experience of this?

My wife and I have not flown Club for a while so looking forward to seeing if there have been any improvements- my last business flight was a QSuite which I thoroughly enjoyed!

When my kids were that young, we never relied on airline food. Always carried meals which I know they like and which could also pass through security. Couple that with fruit and crisps from lounge () and you're set !!
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Ahhh. I remember travelling with my son since he was 8m old. We mostly do Asia to the UK. And we've been through it all.

First I would invest in a seat bag. I use a Tumi messenger bag. If you are in economy this goes under the seat in front of you. If further up the cabin, in whatever storage slot they give you. It is NOT for the bins.

This is your bag of tricks. Inside have a change of clothes, favourite blanket, cuddely toy, some puzzles and toys and bedtime stories. And also the cleaning kit (nappies, wet wipes, etc). Babies and toddlers need constant attention so this bag helps you massively.

Food wise - do grab something in the airport for the little one on the plane (like fruit). Make sure you have milk ready so they can suck as they take off (and land also - so they equalise those ears).

Try to avoid napping in the airport. Be active. And tire that kid out. The seat up front will be more comfortable but you must plan the whole journey and how you will keep the kid comfortable.

And if you go to Aus I would opt for a stoppover somewhere where you can sleep at night.

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Hello all

Some feedback on our experience to Abu Dhabi.

T5 was great, pleasant kids area in the lounge then headed over to C gates.

Plane struggled to switch from ground power to its own so we sat for 2 hours whilst BA tried to solve it.

Eventually got going- has anyone before in 15E/F experienced others using the floor area as a thoroughfare between the 2 aisles? I found this pretty annoying, but it may well be the norm.

Our son had a great flight- one crew member in particular was great, proactive with the kids pack, got his log book signed by the flight crew etc.

My wife and I found the CW experience ďOKĒ this time. Crew was very mixed on approach and professionalism.

We each received half a glass of champagne before take off. Due to the delay meal orders were taken on the ground- for some reason drinks were served with lunch and no wine was offered.

Afternoon tea was a major disappointment- in my opinion BA would have been better off offering nothing.

We arrived just over 2 hours late, around 0220 local time.

The flight home was a sleeper service- same seats booked and again people crossing in front of us.

Didnít bother with any food to maximise sleep, we had breakfast at the arrivals lounge. My wee boy slept for the full flight, so that was great.

IFE didnít work for the duration of the flight for all passengers- CSM encouraged us to complain so we did and my wife and I received 20,000 avios each.

In summary, fairly average experience other than the fact we had plenty space and slept almost all of the way home.

This flight was a 2 for 1 reward flight- was it worth the avios and fees- yes. Would it have been worth the cash fare- in my opinion, no.

Thanks for all the advice from everyone, we loved Abu Dhabi and will be heading back in March

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